Thursday, August 9, 2007

Take a Deep Breath

Everyday when I go to my email I am bombarded with fantastic offers, once in a lifetime report's and never to be offered again information … I myself am guilty of putting time limits on offers and sending them out – real genuine offers. Offers that shouldn't be passed up… But even I must admit I have gotten to the point where I don't want to open 99% of my email… If it is a client or an adviser that I am truly following great if not it goes right into the trash… Are you on information overload? Is your day spent scouring zillions of emails and trying to find nuggets of gold in them their hills? How many of you find that as you are browsing through your email looking at the great offers – reading (must have) information your day is gone, and you really have not accomplished anything with your business? What are you really after? I assume in reality it is to have a successful business, retain previous customers and honestly attract new clients. I believe this is true no matter what your business is. How long has it been since you have really looked at your business, analyzed it and decided what you really need and where you want to go? How many of you have gotten so caught up in learning the latest and greatest (make 2 zillion dollars this month) thing to come around the pike that you failed to diligently maintain the business you have, you have been chasing the elusive secret that will bring you unprecedented wealth and fortune? And all the while your current business is slipping through your fingers? Pulling it together and settling down with the truth can be a sobering task… Making sure you stick with what is working while learning what will grow you business can really be a challenge. As someone who has to constantly learn, research and study all the newest and greatest marketing and development techniques (and has a firm grasp on what it takes), even I get to the point I just feel frazzled and fragmented with all the information floating in my head… I too have to remind myself to do the following… Take a step back, take a deep breath and don’t forget your core business practices, extraordinary customer service and the thing you have done that provided you the great customers you have now. Find a some really good resources and successful business people you know are ethical and will tell you the undisputed truth, not fill you full of hype and false promises. Follow them and what they have to teach you… Most of all constantly remember your core values, use your gut instincts and get out there and give it all you've got… Pamela Jacob Artista Design

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