Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is Stopping You? Have the Business You Have Always Dreamed Of!

Most of us dream of being independently wealthy - we want to be able to take care of our family in style, enjoy the finer things in life. For some it seems like a dream that is unobtainable - one that we put aside as we go to our 9 - 5 job and live pay check to pay check. It doesn't have to be that way - we live in America one of the few places on earth where we have the freedom to make choices to see our dreams come to fruition!

There is nothing more satisfying than blazing your own path - being responsible for your future, and what it holds. Seeing your idea's come to life, if you are passionate about what you do, it will fall into place with the proper tools.

What does it take?

It takes an idea and/or skill, a lot of hard work, a burning desire, stick-to-itiveness and innovation. It is not for the timid or the lazy, and it is certainly not for those that want a handout.

However, there are some pitfalls you need to watch out for and these are major dream killers.

4 Major Dream Killers

1. Picking a Business - There are so many, do you want to become a super affiliate, do you have a service you want to offer, or would you like to sell an amazing product? Perhaps you have a lot of ideas. What do you do? How do you decide?

2. Becoming Overwhelmed - You have decided on a direction - you know what you want to do. You just don't know how to get started. Half of the things you read don't make sense, the other half seemed to be filled with fluff and hype. Where do you turn and who do you trust to give you sound advice?

3. Procrastination - You should get started - you have everything planned out in your mind - but it never quite happens. You know what you should or could do - but you don't do it. You never quite find the right time. After all your favorite TV show is on, your X-Box is calling you. There are always other projects in the way - and people to take care of.

4. Tech Hell - You are as smart as the other guy - so why is it you feel so inept when it comes to the language of the internet? Putting the technical side of things together is driving you insane! Domain names, Host, FTP, Dream Weaver, Front Page, flash, opt-in pages, landing pages, blogs, MySQL, php, shopping carts, Facebook, Twitter and more....

All these situations have simple solutions - and if you honestly sit down and think about it - you could come up with many.

 Follow your passion do what excites you 

Perhaps you want to produce your own product - you are an expert at something that others want to know about - start a blog, corner the niche market - then write an e-book.

On the other hand, perhaps you don't want to create a product yourself - become an affiliate and promote other products and make a tidy little sum. The possibilities are endless - but the key is finding something that excites and motivates you.
Carve out a few hours in your day to work on this project - you don't have to dedicate your whole life to it, if that is not what you want to do.

It does take dedication - but you have to get started sometime. Get your spouse in on the vision you have with this new business. Enlist your families help in achieving your goals.

There is nothing that quite compares to taking an idea building a concept and seeing it come to life. Recruiting your support system to help you is very rewarding - and is important in the whole scheme of things.

Tech hell is a reality at some point for most of us - everyone has to start somewhere. Find a mentor someone you trust that will freely give information. Do research - make sure the person you are trusting is a professional - get referrals and remember you do not need to pay for everything. - Be willing to invest in things that are genuine and will take you to the next level in your business.

Spend money on your business when needed, alternatively you do not want to spend money on things you do not need.

Find the proper fit when finding professionals to work with - people who you feel comfortable with, who will answer your questions willingly and with a smile.

If someone you come in contact with makes you feel foolish for asking a question - then do not work with them and please do not hire them.

Follow you instincts!

Keep an open mind when listening to professional opinions, but remember the old saying "Keep an open mind - but not so open you brain falls out". You do not need to be an expert at everything. I have been in this business a long time and I will never know all there is to know. No-one is an expert at everything - and you are no exception!

For expert advice or a helping hand - give me a call. I love helping my clients bring things to life!!

For help in getting your dream off the ground - email me (or call!)

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