Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Must Read for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur then you cannot pass this article up - very valuable a must read...

Here is an article that really hits home. Almost everyone I work with is totally overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge they think they need. They don’t know where to start and even when I get them pointed in the right direction, they are unfocused.

I was sent an article that was so good I wanted to pass is on to you. Even I saw a few things I needed to do better (hint: buying a product – putting it away and buying something else before I even start with the first one).


Get Your Focus Back!
By - Charlie Page
During these calls members have been free to ask me any question and they have asked many questions.
But there is one question I asked every one of them, and their answers surprised me.
My question to them — “What is your #1 challenge to succeeding online?”

While I received a variety of answers, the #1 answer by far is this … “I’m suffering from information overload! I bought the courses and products and still don’t know what to do next!
It’s understandable really. There is SO much information out there. From free information on blogs and in articles to courses ranging from $27 to $7500 (or more) there is no lack of information.
So why isn’t everyone succeeding online?
While there are almost certainly many reasons why people are generally not achieving their goals online, I believe a big factor (maybe the #1 factor) is this.  More…

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Goals - Getting Back on Track

Getting back on track once you have put your goals aside is not always easy…

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No matter how determined we are life gets in the way. Our resolutions are put on the back shelve, and we are in the same position month after month, year after year.

You have all heard the saying “keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting what you are getting”.
This is such a true statement – how many people do you know who are stuck in the same rut – unhappy – spinning their wheels and still doing the same thing over and over.
It is not easy to reach your goals – if it were everyone would be successful. It takes determination, a specific plan, and doing what it takes every day. If you want a change you are going to need to change.

"The little things in life make the biggest difference – if you manage your day you can change your life."

You need to set specific goals – the more specific the better. Goal setting is a powerful process when done right. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve and breaking it down into bit size chunks your ideal future will become a reality.

I am a firm believer that nothing is impossible – if you change your thoughts, beliefs and how you talk to yourself, you will be amazed at how different life will become. When you truly believe you can achieve that goal and take these specific steps – you will achieve what you really want in this life.
Goal setting made easy…

First you need to look at the big picture – what is truly important in your life – where do you see yourself in 5 years. By really thinking about this and writing it down on paper you will be able to create a plan that will take you where you want to go.

  • Be very specific the more detail the better.

Then you need to break it down – into smaller and smaller targets. Create a one year plan, six month plan, and one month plan of progressively smaller goals.

  • What are the things you can do today and tomorrow that will lead you in that direction?

What actions do you need to take to make this a reality? Each of these steps should be based on the previous plan.

  • When you have broken it down – you need to make a daily “To Do List” of things you will do to make your vision a reality.

You may be saying to yourself – whew to much work for me or when will I have the time? This is your life and you can make anything happen unless you make excuses. You have the time if you will make it a priority.

  • Envision your goals, see yourself where you want to be – what will your life be like – how will you feel.

It is not easy – but it is simple when you follow your master plan. Don’t let your head get in the way – negative thoughts are your worst enemy. Don’t share you goals with people who will not support you in your dream. When you share your vision with people who are negative or don’t believe it can be done, you are opening yourself up for self-defeating thoughts.

  • Write down what you say to yourself – and change the negative into a positive.

Everyone will have times when they run into obstacles, it is what you do with them that counts. This is the time when tenacity and belief in you will make a difference.

Put together a vision board you can hang up – this may seem silly but it will really help cement your vision. When you start getting discouraged look at it and remember you can do what ever you are determined to do with a strong vision and a good plan you can become unstoppable

I have a secret weapon it is like Rocket Fuel for Success. It is called 100Day challenge and it is only opened up 4 times a years. If you are determined to reach the top of your goals and are not afraid of hard work check it out.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Steps to Creating Your Vision

I originally wrote this a year ago but I think it is time to dust it off and reintroduce these important principles...

If you are like me, there are times when life can become overwhelming, causing you to lose sight of your dreams. You are thrown a curve-ball, and suddenly you are off balanced.

Or maybe you just haven’t articulated what you really want in life. Be it business, lifestyle, Family
you get the picture.

Now is the time to do it ! 

Visualization is a powerful tool and when you the emotion of being there (feel how you would if you were there now)  you will become unstoppable.

Vision Boards, Affirmation, Inspiration

Steps to Creating Your Vision:

  • Identify your core values
  • What are your passions?
  • What do you believe is your purpose?
  • What values are important to you.
  • What does your future look like?
Write these questions with the answers really think about it. This will be your blueprint.

Once you have these questions answered ask yourself what you want your ideal life to look like – dream big and get rid of the thought that it couldn't be your life.  Feel the emotions of having that life.


Steps to Complete

  1. Everyday meditate and visualize the life you are going to have.
  2. Write affirmations and repeat them in the morning.
  3. Create a vision board and hang it in your office where you can see it.
  4. Make goals that give you the daily tasks that will get you there…
I have tried many tools – the two most powerful resources I have found are.

100 Day Challenge

I joined the 100-Day Challenge a few years ago, and now I am an alumnus. It is a powerful program that is fast-paced and gives you motivation every day through videos, articles and more. If you are a person who want your dream to become a reality - and don't mind working to get there faster:

This Program is For You

Mind Movies

Another tool I use is Mind Movies it  lets you create your vision using pictures and music. It is easy to use and the video’s I have made for myself  - I can feel it in my soul...

Here is one of the movies I have made...

To Success Beyond Measure & Friendships that Last a Lifetime...

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Need More Followers ? Here's How...

Today it is more crucial than ever to use all mediums to gain search engine optimization and exposure. As time passes by visuals are just as important as articles and videos are on fire. Blogs should be a foundation for everything else like a show case or vehicle.

What you need for optimum exposure.

A Social Media Marketing Plan

                Not all social media sites are good for all businesses; you would go crazy trying to harness everything. However, when you know the goal of your business, you can build a strategy that will allow you to connect with customers and network with some amazing people.

A Blog

                I started long ago when blogs were first introduced, but I can tell you that it has given me a voice and I have shown from my articles, I an expert in my field. I have attracted clients from as far as Australia. Don’t underestimate the power of a blog.

                Images are huge draws and can really help you get followers to your business social media sites. I find that images with quotes are especially popular. Remember when you name your images to use keywords that will help with your SEO.


                If you are on the Internet at all, you know that videos are gaining in popularity. There are so many ways to make videos and places to put them.  YouTube being the most popular, but if you Google you will find many more. One of the newest video sites has been started by Twitter it is called Periscope. How it works is that you can record your video, and it will be live online for 24 hours then it is gone.  You have a choice of saving it once it is gone so you can re-post it to a video directory.


                This is a really neat social media site – and it is largely professionals so if you are a business to business company you want to take advantage of this awesome visual medium.

Newsletter – Email (
Get Response)
                Newsletters and emails are really important – it helps to have an auto responder, and once that is in place it is much easier to keep connected to people that are interested in what you have to offer. It does take some time to set up a campaign, but it is well worth it. I use " Get Response" for email blasts and setting up campaigns when people sign up for free information.

                  I have to admit I have not started doing podcasts yet – but as you can see  if you have ever listened to a pod cast it is a very powerful tool that will build your business – and take it to the next level.  It shows that you are an expert in your field and when you interview other professionals, you will gain their listeners as well.     

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Newest Pinterest Insights

I have been noticing more and more men sharing pins off my Pinterest boards. The majority are taking business-related topic, including infograph’s for marketing and statistics. So I decided to do a little research to see if my eyeballs were deceiving me.

Even though Pinterest is still overwhelmingly female, the number of male users on the site has increased by 73% in the last year, so my instincts were right on, more and more men are using the site.

Research shows women are using Pinterest in a far more inspirational and motivational way than are
men, who are more likely to use Pinterest like a visual book marking tool.

The three items most shared by men are hiking, fashion and DIY. Home related building projects are  pinned by men as well as survival kits and shelter building ideas, another difference between the habits of men vs women?  

Women will pin pictures without linking to any particular store or brand while men will pin products that are linked to a merchandiser’s site. It seems to suggest men are possibly going to buy eventually from the merchandiser - that is how I see it.

Hopeful these insights will help you with your Social Media Strategy when using Pinterest this year. If not, it will give you something to think about.

PS I am currently creating a document that will show you how to put together a social media marketing strategy. It will be available in a few short weeks keep watching!

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

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