Friday, June 14, 2013

Attention Business Owners: Number One Mistake When Setting Up Your Facebook Account

A big mistake a lot of businesses make from the beginning (me included) is building a personal page and using it as a business page.  When setting up Facebook you will have to create your personal page first – then you created your business page.

When I first accessed Facebook, I set up my personal page and then realized as time went on it wasn't the greatest of decisions. Since studying and taking classes on how to profit using Facebook – it was as plain as the nose on my face – each and every resource I have accessed to learn about Facebook says, “build a business page do not use a personal page for business." 

The reasons are numerous:

Why you don’t want to use personal pages for your business:
  • Allows only 5000 followers
  • Accessed by family and friends it is hard to maintain a professional appearance. 
  • When Aunt Sue starts ranting and raving about her political views it could turn some potential clients off. You get the point.
  • Using a personal page for business is against Facebook’s “Terms of Use” and can be shut down by Facebook.
Why You Should Use a Fan Page/Business Page:
  • It allows you to brand your business through use of your logo and customized cover photo.
  • You can create unique tabs or landing pages that are extremely valuable when used properly.
  • Business pages are indexed by Google. Anything you post on your page can be found by people doing Google searches.  
  • As an added bonus when you link from your business page to your website you are increasing the chances of achieving a higher ranking within Google.
Make sure when setting up your business page – you name it with Keywords that people are looking for. You can use your business name – especially if you have a lot of people who know your business. This is a decision you will have to make. I chose Artista Design from the get-go but I think I should have done keywords now it is impossible to change my business page name.

Think about it carefully before setting your page up. For more tips, tricks and exclusive links that will benefit your business, like my page on Facebook.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why You Need to Use Facebook for Business…

There are two schools of thought when businesses think about using Facebook – one is “I will just build a page, and they will come!” no, not really that is only ½ of the equation. These businesses start off earnestly with great excitement but soon become frustrated because they are not getting the returns they want or need.
Then there are business owners who think Facebook is a waste of time and resources.  They think they have to spend hours just to stay ahead of the fray, and it is just not worth it.

Both groups are wrong – Facebook is an important business tool and when you learn the tips, tricks and techniques, there is nothing quite like it.

Did you know Facebook is still growing after years of existence? 37% growth in 2011, 1 in six people (on the planet) are using Facebook; that is over 800 million people. If your target market’s age is 35+ that demographic is growing rapidly, this age group is now over 30% of the entire Facebook user base (as of 2011).

Harnessing the power of Facebook is learned through knowledge. It is important to become aware of the best techniques through reading and taking classes. Start with asking yourself what you want to achieve having your business on Facebook?

What are your goals for your business, gaining exposure, building your brand, selling products or services? How about all the above…

I am constantly amazed at how much really valuable information is available through searches on the web. Why not start educating yourself on how to use Facebook the right way?

Without a doubt, you need to be on Facebook. I don’t care what market you are in it doesn't matter your market is on Facebook.


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