Monday, April 4, 2011

Are visitors leaving your website as fast as they arrive?

So you've optimized your website, spent a lot of time finding good keywords –you have even gone so far as to hire a company that will make sure everything is right.

This cost a small fortune, but you know that traffic is the only way to have a successful business on the web or otherwise.

You have even put Google analytics on your site so you can see the amount of traffic you are getting and where it is coming from YOU ARE SET! You are excited to see all the traffic – you can even find your listing at the top of the search engines, but then you realize people are coming to your site, but they are not staying!

What is wrong, why are the visitors leaving and not converting into customers?

Why are you not getting any inquires into your services?

Guess what: Your website may be visible – but you may not be connecting with your visitor. Having worked so hard to get traffic to your website, you don't want to lose them by failing to give them what they are looking for.

The fact is: most visitors to your site will not make a decision to buy your products or services the first time they visit. You need to make sure you have a site that makes visitors want to come back – you need a means to collect information from people who are interested in what you are trying to sell.

When someone goes to your website you want to provide them with a satisfying experience. You want to connect with your clientele by choosing and designing a website that you know will be enjoyable to look at.

You must make sure that your website is designed for the end user – the people you know will buy your services or products, and it has to look professional!

It is important Visitors understand what services or goods you are providing. Equally, as important is that your website has navigation that is clear and concise.

You also want to offer them something of value. This gives your business credibility – builds customer loyalty and helps you collect information that you can use to market to potential customers.

An example of a free item may be: Let’s say you own a dog grooming place, and you want to get visitors to return to your site, whenever they need your services, you also want to collect information for future marketing opportunities. You may be able to offer them a report on how to travel with your pet, OR you may offer an e-book on keeping your pet happy and healthy…

Make sure visitors leave a name and email. You will need to have a system set into place so that the name and email will be put into a data-base, and a thank you email will then be sent to the recipient of the report. Make sure you have a good auto responder program.

There are all types of on-line auto responder programs that are very inexpensive. With these programs, you can have an online data-base and build individual campaigns based on what your business goals are.

Nine Ways to keep visitors coming back….

  1. Does your website load fast?
  2. Does you website look professional and inviting?
  3. Is the design something that will attract your target market?
  4. Do you keep your content updated and fresh?
  5. Do you have a opt-in box with a give away on your site (above the fold)
  6. Is the text on your home page clear and concise? What make you different from you competition?
  7. Is the text on your home page short and to the point. People tend to scan a website before they decide to delve in and read it.
  8. Is your navigation easy to understand and links clearly marked?
  9. Is all the information on your website clear – contact details easy to find – phone numbers and emails easily accessed?
  10. Do you have a blog? This is in addition to your standard website. You must have a blog to become the trusted authority…

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