Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Came Out Victorious!!

Let me tell you a little tale that may have you changing your mind about using PayPal… Years ago before I began using PayPal I would hear intense horror stories about how they would seize your money and run… Clear out your bank account and disappear… Now I had not been able to verify any of this , but it did scare me – I was almost afraid to even try it… Then I opted to take the plunge – after all I didn't have to pay monthly fees just a small percentage when people paid me on-line (the same with any merchant transaction) and the shopping cart was free, what did I have to lose?? With most other merchant account you have to pay for monthly processing, the initial gateway and various other sundry items… With Paypal it was effective and didn't cost me anything up front, great for those of you just starting out… I did open up a savings account just to be on the safe side, one that had no other money in it… Just in case my assets were frozen (horror of all horrors)… Years later I still have had no problems, Paypal sends me the pertinent information when a business transaction has taken place, I go in and transfer the money into my account or ask for a check… It has been a wonderful tool… But the best reason for using them came to light just the other day when I had an unresolved problem getting information I had purchased online… I am sure you have all had a zillion letter's about buying this information for $7.00 buy this for .99 today only and on and on… I decided to buy some list building information for the small fee of $1.97 I didn't know the character of the person who had initially sent it to me so I was taking a gamble… But what is $1.97?? I paid for this e-report using PayPal… I didn't get the info… I even emailed the business/person who sent me the original sales letter and no feedback.. I received nothing, I thought to myself it's not a big deal just move on than the though struck me … How bad this makes us all look! How many of us do promote products on line and this gives everyone a bad name… Maybe this was a con how many $1.97 did they collect, just think about it, if 1000 individuals bought the e-report for $1.97 that is close to $2000 dollars!! I was not going to tarnish the reputations of all of us who do sell e –products so I went in to fight the good fight! I came out victorious!! PayPal has a system that will help you get what you have paid for. Once you buy a product, if you are not satisfied you can log into your PayPal account, click on the electronic merchant number (on your PayPal Receipt) and lodge a complaint… That is just what I did, I am not exaggerating when I say I heard back from them within 10 min! The dispute was resolved within 24 hours… The funny part is they asked me once the dispute was settled to please close this case and say that you are satisfied… They wrote back to me twice within 20 min… Obviously they didn't want to be dropped by PayPal, that is the power of having PayPal in your corner. Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me!!

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