Friday, September 20, 2013

Google+ Have You Joined Yet – Why Not?

When Google+ first started I was less than impressed with it – I signed up because of the nature of my job. I started putting people in my circles but then quickly lost interest. It was hard to see the value when Facebook was working so well.

Guess what – recently I have had a change of heart. I have joined a few Google+ groups private and
public and have gotten more out of these groups in the last few months then I ever would have imagined.

The information I have received is phenomenal. I have been able to connect with people who are like minded and share ideas.

In a course, I recently took with Kathleen Gage; I was reminded about the importance of raising your profile by letting people know you are an expert in your field and how to do it.– through articles, guest blog posts interviews, etc. Through Google+, I could  connect with people who have large followings, write guest articles with bylines, and write articles for an online magazine. It was just so easy people seem more open in the groups I have joined (not a lot of spam either). It all happens when you connect on a different level using Google+ -

I get notifications when people post in the groups. There is a ton of emails, but that is where writing a good title comes in. I read the titles get rid of those that don’t interest me and read the rest.

If you have not gotten into Google+ yet, and you are a business you really need to. There are more opportunities for network marketing than anywhere else (in my experience).

I have also learned about effective tools to help with productivity in my business. The essence of the group is genuine they help each other out with what is working for them and what is not. I do wish that Google+ allowed vanity names and a few other things.

My next s project will be learning how to use Google Hangout – watch for an upcoming article!

So my friends – do go and cultivate your Google+ groups and see how valuable it can be. I believe you will get hooked just like I am…

Pamela Jacob - Artista Design
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