Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Does your website design really make a difference?

I know I have been preaching for years how a website needs to look professional – it doesn’t have to be fancy and have a ton of moving object, in fact; I discourage that, but it does need to look like clean and professional.

Case in point: The other day my husband received in the mail some herbs that he thought he would try. When he opened the box, the labels were not exactly printed like a real company more generic. Everything we saw was less than par when it came to the look of the product and its marketing materials.

He said I don’t think these work I am sending them back. Why? I asked, what was his reply? They have to be a rip-off  look at the way they package the product.

I told him just because they were cheap on packaging and marketing, they may still be worth a try. It really bugged him every time he would open the bottle; he would not be happy.  And he sent them back without even seeing if they would make a difference.

The funniest part of the whole story is that a few months ago he had ordered the same type of supplements, when he got the product, the labeling was very branded and professional and all the marketing materials looked like the company was very successful.  He didn’t complain –  how ever the product  didn’t  live up to his expectations, but he gave it a good couple of months.

Can you see the parallel here?  Perhaps the supplement he sent back was wonderful and would have made a difference, he didn’t give it a chance.

That is why I decided to write this article to drive home the point – this is exactly what is going to happen no matter how good your service or product is. If you don’t look the part of a successful business – homemade business cards, website that was put together by an amateur, marketing materials that lack that certain something.  People will not even give you a second look.

You get my point…

It is well worth the money spent to get your website in tip-top shape, invest in a logo that is yours and yours alone. Don’t scrimp on your image, or you will pay the price.

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