Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 9 Steps to Launching an Effective Landing Page!

I have people approach me all the time to design a landing page, but they do not really understand that a lot more than the design goes into the implementation of this page. Of course the design is of utmost importance, you want to portray the right image as well as collect all the relevant information for your data-base. However, just like branding your image through graphic design or building a website it is much more complicated than that. Below you will find the proper steps to putting together an effective landing/squeeze page. If you find a designer who only designs the page and does not explain the rest (or do the rest) – find someone else, you will not get what you are paying for – it is worth a few extra dollars to get the results you want. If you don't get results you are throwing your money away! Before having a professional put together a page make sure you have your free item (bonus or leader) – report, e-book, mp3 (or whatever you want to give away) developed. You want to give the recipient something of quality the best you have to offer. If you don't and they perceive your free gift to be of sub-standard quality they they will not let me repeat WILL NOT buy your service or product – in fact, they will be convinced that the quality of your company is poor, quite the opposite effect of what you are trying to portray… Remember: When you make a customer/potential customer happy they may tell a few friends. When you disappoint or make a customer/potential customer unhappy everyone will hear about it. That is something you don't want to happen to your reputation or your business. Furthermore, make sure you have researched and put together the best copy for the page. Look at other successful landing pages and see how they pull people in with the benefits that are listed. If you are at a loss for verbiage, see if you website developer does that type of work or knows someone who does. For a little more money, it is well worth the cost. The 9 Steps to Launching an Effective Landing Page
  1. Register a unique domain name
  2. Research to find the proper Keywords that will lead visitors to your page.
  3. Write the copy using the keywords found
  4. Design the page\
  5. Implement the auto responder/ form
  6. Put together a page with the downloads so that when the person signs up for the free - stuff it will automatically direct them to the free download page.
  7. Put an opt-in or thank you letter in position that will automatically go out when a potential customer sign up for the freebie's - this will thank them for downloading your free item and have a link to your website.
  8. Upload your squeeze page to your domain.
  9. Start your viral marketing campaign!

Once all this is done you are now ready to market your freebie to the world – collecting those names are so important to your business - remember your data-base is gold!

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