Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hot Buzz Word: Content Curation

As I was researching a subject a word kept popping up “Content Curation”? What the heck is content curation is what I thought so I delved a little deeper. All the articles I found were very vague, and I just couldn't grasp what they were talking about. Then suddenly I got it – and the answer was so easy it was the lingo that was throwing me off.

So now you may be wondering what is content curation? Simply put it is someone who finds interesting articles usually in a niche market and pulls them all into one resource. Being able to put your opinion on the item before it is accessed makes it even more fun.

It isn't just a bunch of links – the successful curators have pictures and headlines that people can't resist.

These types of websites/blogs are popular because people don't have the time in their busy schedules to surf the Internet. When they find an informative and amusing collection of video, articles, news they can count on they will come back often. There is so much good information online that is never seen. That is when the content curator steps in and pulls fun and valuable information from different resources all together. This keeps the visitors coming back for more.

To be a successful content curator you will need to research and find the top articles and videos to curate (put) on your website. The site should be updated regularly to keep people coming back day after day.

What does a page look like? See the graphic that is it, I am betting you are probably going to a website like this for information.

Some examples of popular websites that are using this method are:
Looking at these websites you know exactly what content curation is – and when you see that in an article or forum you, my friend will know the meaning. 

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