Thursday, January 14, 2010

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) How Has It Changed in 2010?

I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about changes in SEO for 2010. I will tell you 99% of what you learned the last few years is exactly right but there are a few changes that everyone should take note of. Last year it was finally announced that Google doesn’t read your keyword meta tags. The little spiders actually go into the copy of your website to pick up keywords – so I hope your text is full of keywords?

Even so, don’t think that gets you off the hook! Google isn’t the only search engine in the world, sure it may dominate but there are many, many more, and they do use keywords in meta tags…

You need to put more heft in your meta-tag description code – every page should have a unique description.

Another extremely important aspect is not the most important is that each page of your website should have a unique page title – with keywords.

Fast Loading Pages (proper optimization)

What is new? Google is now putting more weight behind websites that are fast loading - so if you have a clean fast loading website you are going to see the results in your rankings on Google. If you don’t and you have your website bogged down with improperly optimized graphics and the like, you are likely to see your pages tumble lower on the ranking scale.

Google Local

Another way to gain better ranking is to get involved in Google local search. A customer will always prefer to purchase a quality product which is easily available in his or her vicinity rather than order it from another unfamiliar city or state.

Website Analytics

Apply analytics on every page of your website. This allows you to better understand what is happening with your visitor. Some of the most well known web analytics tools are, Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, Omniture etc.

I prefer Google Analytics –it an amazing tool - you will not believe what you will learn when analyze where your visitors are coming in and what pages are leaving them cold.

XML Sitemap

Also remember that you need to put up an XML site map. This will allow search engines to properly index all pages.


Don’t forget the robot.txt file that invites a search engine robot or spider to come into your pages – and can also block the page you do not want to be shown on the internet.

Google has an e-book that is fantastic and free! Why not go to the source to learn more click on this link.

The very first link on that page will say “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide!” that is where you will click to open up your free book – it is chock full of information if you are a novice, and even if you think you know it all you may pick up a point or two…

Worth the price of admission, in fact Google has a whole bundle of webmaster tools, I know a lot of you hire a web designer/developer but it is always important to know the subject enough to have control over the projects that are being created for you... Just my opinion.

To all you who are living the American Dream and starting your own business congratulations – you are in for the ride of your life…

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