Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blogging More Tips and Tricks

By now you know how I feel about blogs - why not give your business credibility and show them you are an expert. What better way to market your business?

I posted this article in 2010 but I think it bares repeating especially for those of you who are just starting out.

Below I give  more in-depth details on how to have an awesome blog!

A blog also helps your website get better positioning on search engines. Search Engines love blogs – the fresh content that is placed in the pages will cause the search engines to pay attention, and it will allow you to gain more exposure for you website. Every business knows the best kind of traffic is targeted visitors – that is exactly what you will get from people who visit your blog.

A blog can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be, you can host your own blog or access a free one from Wordpress or Blogger. For a monthly fee you can also use services like The biggest fear I find business owners have is, first they are intimidated by writing articles, second, and they don’t feel they have the time. So how do you overcome these fears?

Find resources that make it easy for you to post appropriate articles to your blog. One of the most obvious ways is to hire someone to write original articles – a good writer can always do research, as well as get information from you about what you want to convey. If you prefer to have you name on the article posted, hire a ghost writer (someone who doesn’t take credit for the article) you will own the exclusive rights to the writing, it will  cost you more to do this.

If you just don’t have the budget to hire someone, no problem that is why free article sites are so popular. You would be amazed at the quality of some of these articles – the only catch is you must publish the resource box at the end of the article. These resource boxes usually have the name of the writer and a link back to a website or an affiliate page. Because of this you want to find writers that are not in direct competition with you but complement your business, this make it a win-win situation and will not effect your business in any negative way.

Please remember to check out the links in the resource box of the articles you choose – this is just double insurance that it leads to a page you feel good about.

The “cream de la cream” of article marketing resources’ (in my opinion) is called Ezine Articles – You can also Google your niche market (article resources), and it will come up with article sites that are directed towards your business.
Another great way to get content driven articles is by having guest blogger's. A lot of businesses love the free marketing that the resource box will provide them when you use one of their articles.

Top 9 Article Resource Sites
1. Ezine Articles
2. Article Alley
3. Go Articles
4. Article Dash board
5. Search Warp
6. Buzzle
7. Article Base
8. Article City
9. Idea Marketers

The best way to manage your time is by accessing some of these article websites – finding articles you want to use, copying and pasting the article in a word doc – to save time and stay organized you may want to set out a block of time to collect eight articles or more.

Then twice a week put an article up. Make sure and comment on the article you are posting. In addition, people love to read short blogs with links to information they care about, simply add your comment, and a link to the site or article you are referencing. Another great way to create a blog article is commenting on things that are in the news that pertain to you business – then linking back to the resource.

If you are worried about setting up a blog – and having an attractive interface, contact your web designer, they should be able to set it up with all the bells and whistles you need.

Please feel free to contact me if you need help, f I will set up your blog and make sure you have the elements needed to market your blog and reference your website. I will also teach you how to simply and efficiently add articles and pictures. I know the internet can be overwhelming, but remember step by step you will gain the knowledge and the systems you need to be in command of your online success!

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