Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keep Doing What You Are Doing, Keep Getting What You Are Getting.

I was talking with some entrepreneur friends that have been struggling with certain aspects of their business. He and his Business Partner invested a great deal of time and money into a product, that I truly believe if marketed correctly could make this couple multimillionaires.

In our conversation, they shared with me the biggest frustrated that had been haunting them. Sometime ago they had contacted a professional who could be instrumental in giving their product high visibility. They had given literature and samples, had numerous meetings spending a great deal of time. They had been promised things that were never delivered.

Months later they were still trying to contact this person – did not get phone calls returned, when finally reached. She once again promised things that were never given.

“They just wouldn't move on. 
It was painful to listen to."

Why would anyone just do the same thing over and over? I was quite blunt and told them they needed to find another Avenue; this person is not going to help you! It may not be what they wanted to hear, but it was the truth.

As a business owner you need to make sure you do not run on false hopes and beliefs. When you run into someone who promises you something and doesn't follow through, Move on! Sometimes things do happen; if you want to give that person, a second chance that is fine, but no third.

If the person or potential client you are working with does not have the courtesy to be honest and up front with you,  you cannot waste your time. The energy and emotion you put out knocking your head against a brick wall will kill your spirit. When you are constantly being filled with faults hopes, you do not have the energy and vitality it takes to move forward and access the true opportunities that lay ahead.

What is the moral of the story?

To have a successful business, you must deal with the movers and the shakers – not the deadbeats.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Attracting Traffic to Your Website.

I am often asked, “what is the best way to drive traffic to my website". There are so many ways to market your website and get results some take a lot of time to cultivate, and some can produce traffic right off the bat.

In order to drive traffic you need to know the options available – and then plan your strategy.

There are free ways – you don’t have to pay money, but you do have to spend time to get where you want to go.

Those of you on a shoe string budget may not have the cash to advertise or use Pay-Per-Click methods.

Remember even the best designed websites will not produce an income, unless there is traffic directed to it…

Free traffic, as the term suggests, implies that you drive traffic to your website free of charge. If you have more time than money, then this is more than worth you’re while.

The most common method of obtaining traffic involves using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. This is considered on-site SEO and should be used with other methods. When you optimize your website, search engines view your site as being useful and relevant. This in turn, leads to increase in rankings for your keywords, key phrases.

SEO methods are great for obtaining free traffic in the long term, but it might take as long as six months to a year to see full results.


Search Engines love blogs – the fresh content that is placed in the pages will cause the search engines to pay attention, and it will allow you to gain more exposure for your website. Every business knows the best kind of traffic is targeted visitors – that is exactly what you will get from people who visit your blog and go on to access your website...

I would host the blog with your website - it just makes more sense and will bring you up on the search engines. If you use a blog that is hosted away from your website - like blogger make sure you link back to your website and give plenty of links in your article to redirect traffic.

Article Marketing

When you develop a blog, those same articles can be used for article marketing.  It only makes sense to get them published on article directory sites that have high volumes of traffic. This works to bring in organic search engine traffic within a week (targeted the best kind).

Once you quit uploading articles to those directories, your traffic is likely to taper off in two to three weeks.

Writing and publishing articles once a week should keep free traffic to your site from dropping off.

Top 9 Article Submission Sites

6. Buzzle

Social Media Sites

When you do it right Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites can give your blog and website a lot of exposure. You need to post your links, give helpful advice and don’t be afraid to be a giver.

This gives you back links to your website – advertises your business and builds business relationships.

One of the great things you can do to help with time management is to set up your blog article to feed into your social media sites. This shows others (through your articles) that you are a professional it gives you credibility.


Having highly positioned sites link to your website will cause Google and other search engines to pull you up higher on the search engine pages – and give greater exposure to your business.

Banner Exchanges

There are also banner exchanges that allow you to post your banner advertisement on others websites when you post one of them on your website. I personally don’t want banners on my website, but if I had a niche site or blog’s that I was using for an affiliate commission I would take advantage of this tactic. You must be careful about this however, Google has started to take notice and may frown upon to many ads above the fold of your website.


Don’t under estimate what joining the appropriate forums can do, when you join forums that are of interest to your business.

In order to fully take advantage of a forum you must have a signature file – it is important to place a link in your signature file.

Make sure and fully engage with the forum. Ask questions, answer questions – watch posts and engage the people who frequent the forum. This goes for others blog’s as well. Post your comments and they usually always link back to your website.

Contact me - I can help you with all you with all your online (business) needs!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Not to Do, When Starting an Online Business

I have decided to send out one of the articles I wrote five years ago because it is just as important now as it was before. 


I am always getting e-mail from business owners who, in their crunch for time they have opted to go to a host/web design/web development/domain registrar all rolled into one…
Not a good Idea!

Let me tell you why, this is just my view, but it is an educated one. I have dealt with many, many business owners who have been burned. They now have to deal with the difficulties of redoing mistakes that didn't have to occur in the first place.
Many business owners who are brilliant at what they do are also clueless when it comes to the Internet and all the things that must be done to develop a website, register a domain name and host that website.
On the other hand, they may know enough but want the convenience of a one-stop shop, so they can be free to operate their business.
Sound like a great idea right! WRONG…


Mistake #1 

When you register a domain name through a host, you are at the host's mercy.

Unless you know what you are doing – the host who registers your domain name may actually be putting it under their name - you are not the domain name owner you are “renting” the name.

Scenario, you register your domain name with a hosting company and find that you do not like the host – your website has a lot of down time – you cannot get the emails to work right, etc.
You go shopping for another host – then you find out you cannot transfer the domain name, and you have built your business using that name … that can be devastating – you have worked so hard to build your business what now?

Let's say they just don't want to transfer the domain name, don’t release the domain name and play games. Where do you go?
Well, that is the 24 million-dollar question.

Solution: Register your domain name with a service like They have inexpensive domain names; you have complete control over where you point those names and host your website.

If you find you are unhappy with a host you have chosen, find another host and re-point that domain name, with no interruption to your business.
Problem solved.


Mistake #2

Scenario, You have found a host that also designs. They will design your website inexpensively. So you have the host put together the website for you.

Guess what – you more than likely will find that you do not own the website, the website you get will have to stay with that host, you cannot transfer it… On top of that – a lot of these hosts will give you a brochure site that is not a true marketing site.
Let's say initially you are happy with that small static website, then you get educated and realize you need more and want to market to your visitors. You want an auto responder, and you need to build an online data-base. That is when you pay  - they usually charge you, an arm and a leg to update your site.

You end up spending more, and you may find your so-called  custom site is actually a cookie cutter site that is customized (the same site as other businesses just a different banner).

Solution: Find a web developer that can converse with you about your needs. If they are a true professional, they will have no problem helping you with questions you may have about hosting, domain registration, auto responders, etc. Make sure you are comfortable with the individual you are thinking about hiring.

Don’t mistake – arrogance with knowledge? Do make sure you have an experienced professional, someone who knows the tricks of the trade, a person who understands how to build a marketing website, with knowledge, who will know how to  help you reach your ultimate goals.

When you pick the right professional, they will be willing and able to direct and guide you. Educate you on how to build your online business, helping you to break down the costs and work within your budget. If you can’t initially afford to get the whole thing done in one-shot  – it shouldn’t be a problem for your web developer to build your website in phases.

Make sure you are working with the designer/developer themselves, and you are not working with the sales rep.


Mistake #3 

Scenario, let's say you have found a host that allows you to build and design your own website. How cool is that!!
Sorry to break the news, but let me remind you – most of you are not designers!

Seriously, most business owners do not have the talent or the knowledge to design a website that will look professional. Most of these programs that allow you to build your own website are very limited in what they can do. You have to use their graphics and banners.

On the other hand, you have to be a graphic designer to know how to design and upload your own graphic, on top of that these hosts are usually very expensive.
So what should you have done?

Solution: When you realize you will be hosting your website (basically forever) at such a high monthly fee – you will realize you can afford to pay a professional web developer to build a beautiful site you will own, pay a host a small amount each month and save a lot of money. Get my drift?


I could go on forever telling you the horror stories - but the bottom line - in essence - be careful, do your homework,  make sure you are working with a credible professional.

One option you may want to consider is hiring a consultant/project manager that knows the ropes.

This profession should be seasoned and have worked with the internet - someone who has been in the business and knows the ins and outs, someone who can outline your options and give information that will lay a solid foundation for your business.

Someone you can trust to guide you to make the right choices…

I do offer all of these services so if you would like to get a f*ree consultation, please email me with "F*ree Consultation" in the subject line - if you have a website. Please add it to the content of  the email. I  will contact you, and we can make an appointment.

To success beyond measure - and friendships that last a lifetime...
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Build A Strong Foundation – The First Step in Building a Successful Online Business.

With all my projects – clients – and re-doing my own website I wake up every morning with a spring in my step. It is really exciting to see my business growing and at the same time to be able to launch other projects that excite me.

I have not been able to do this overnight. However – one thing I would like you to know is that “in the beginning” (here we go with genesis again!) You will not (unless you are a super hero) be able to run 100 different directions or launch 20 different projects.  Focus on one project – and see it through. This is a tough thing to do, but once you get this project off the ground and running you can then take all your knowledge and launch your next idea with much more clarity, focus and know how.

If you learn nothing else from reading this, please remember – the number-one  thing you absolutely need to know is how to build a strong foundation first! Focus on one idea/business at a time.

If you don't do that, your business will fall like a house of cards, when you change your focus to marketing or other endeavors. I cannot really emphasis enough how important it is to focus on the basic foundation of your business one step at a time…

Focus... Focus... Focus... Sit down and really look at your business model – are all the pieces are in place?  Look at your website with a critical eye before you start promoting your business.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself before You Move Forward

  1. Do you have a workable business strategy that makes sense?

  2. Do you have a website that will attract you’re target market? Color, design, and feel.

  3. Are you branded so when a visitor hits your front page they know exactly what your product or service can do for them?

  4. Are you set up so that visitors can sign-up for some great freebie's (information product)? This allows you to build a data-base and your data base is gold.

  5. Have you made sure your site has the proper SEO (search engine optimization) so that it will place high in a search engine directory?

  6. Once you have set up your auto-responder are you using it to your full advantage by creating campaigns to stay in touch with your customers/clients?

  7. Are you submitting your website to search engines? – Is your website professional - and will it attract the people that you are trying to target. For Free SEO Checklist - click here

IMPORTANT: Please take the next few days and go over this list, really sit down and decide what your prime business goals are. Look at your website and make sure it has the components to be a marketing machine. Just take a step back – honestly review what you have done – make sure you are headed in the right direction… If not change course get your website where it essentially needs to be, then go full speed ahead to your success!!

If you need help to analyze the situation, please feel free to email me, and I will give you a free initial consultation – no strings attached.

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