Monday, December 28, 2015

Cleaning up your website.

It is that time of the year when we gather with family and friends, ringing out the old and bringing in the new.  Most of us make resolutions or goals for the coming year.

When it comes to your business one of the best things, you can do to start the year right update  your website.

When was the last time you went through your website with a fine tooth comb to make sure it was up To date, and all the links go where they should?

Case in point: I have a client that I built a website for eight years ago. It is a great website it has some items to buy online and classes, etc., but it had been neglected – we all just get busy and feel that everything is fine. She did notice some of her books sales were down, but she chalked that up to the publications being older.

She contacted me to put up her latest book and shopping cart. As I was looking through her website, I noticed there were a lot of things that should probably be removed or updated. So I asked her "do you need any other updates?" As she went through the pages of her website, she was horrified to find her shopping cart was out of date and not working right. She had some pages that needed to be altered because things had changed – you get the picture.

She may have ended up paying more than she though for the simple addition,  it turned into a major overhaul. We didn’t touch the design – just contents, links, shopping cart and a few pictures.
Now she is thrilled to be starting the New Year with a fully functional updated website. 

This will not happen to her again because she will make sure to have an inventory of her website yearly…

How about you?

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Time Management - Pomodoro

Many years ago, I read about the Pomodoro time management technique and then as things often do I didn’t do anything with the information. I was reintroduced when I started using an online project manager. Since them I have found it to be amazingly useful.

The Pomodoro technique is a popular time management life hack. The technique allows you to work in sprints (called Pomodoro sessions) and maintain regular breaks. This has been proven to keep your mind fresh and fast helping to maintain focus and effectively manage distractions.

If you feel there is not enough time in the day, you have too many distractions and you are always struggling to finish anything this is something that has proven to work in resolving all these problems and more.
The Pomodoro Principles

  • Work with time, not against it
  • Eliminate burnout
  • Manage distractions
  • Create a better work/life balance.

All you need is a good timer - here is how it works.

  1. Choose a task that you want to focus on
  2. Just one task at a time
  3. Remove all distractions
  4. Set your timer to 25 min
  5. Work on your task until the timer rings.
  6. Take a 5 min. break – you have just finished your first Pomodoro!

Repeat steps 1-6 three more times, followed by a 20 min break
It’s not as easy as it sounds, that’s 25 minutes of steady, focused work on ONE TASK. 

  • NO Multitasking
  • NO emails
  • NO phone calls
  • NO checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


The amazing project tool (I talked about at the beginning of this article) has the Pomodoro timer built right in. It is called Kaban Flow – simple to use and FREE. Who doesn’t like that!

I would suggest you go to the Kaban Flow website and sign up you will love it!
When you do go online and sign up make sure and view the very short tutorial you will be using this system like a pro in a matter of minutes.
Let me know how you like Kaban Flow and most of all how the Pomodoro system has helped you.

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime.
Let me know how the Pomodoro System has helped you! or call me 801-910-4825.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Want More Clients? Write an Ebook

I originally posted this article in 2007 - it is still applicable today. Even more so....

I am getting ready to launch my second book. It is amazing how sharp and clear one can get when writing a book – it really sharpens your senses and your knowledge. E-books can be wonderful tool, and they are worth all the effort you put into them – when you take the time to write down what you are an expert at and compile what you know, you will be amazed at the breadth and depth of the knowledge you have in your own expertise.

What an amazing way to let people know you are an expert in your field, it gives you such credibility.
What a fantastic way to promote your business while bringing in new streams of revenue…

Why write an E-Book? Why not!

E-books production cost is inexpensive., think about it: you don't need a publisher, an agent, a printing press, offset film, ink, paper, or even a distributor. You just need a great concept, the ability to write it or to hire a writer, and the right software.

E-books are easily and rapidly distributed online.They are also easily updated; they do not require a second print run. All you need is to go into your original creation and modify the text or graphics. Because of this flexibility, e-books can change and grow as fast as you can type.

E-books are also immediately obtainable for your audience. They don't have to go to a bookstore or search through endless titles at an on-line bookstore. All they have to do is download it from a website, and presto! It's on their computer, ready to be read.

E-books are interactive. This is one of the unique and specific qualities that e-books offer. You can add surveys, order forms, pictures and sound that draw your reader into the virtual world of your e-book, even direct links to relevant sites that will expand your e-book outward. The potential is virtually limitless.

E-books have a particular kind of permanence that other mediums do not possess. Television shows and radio shows air once, and may have rerun here or there. E-books remain on your computer for as long as your choose, and they can be read and reread. They can even be printed out put in a binder and stored on the shelves of your traditional home library.

E-books have no barriers in terms of publishing. You don't need to go through the endless process of submitting your manuscript repeatedly, and then once you land an agent, having the agent submit your manuscript over and over again. Nor do you have to shell out thousands of dollars for printing a self-published book. All e-books require is a writer and appropriate software. Figure out your market, write your book, post it on your website, and with the right business savvy, your audience will come to you.

Finally, you have creative control over your e-book. You don’t have to compromise with an editor or the publishing trends of the time. You don't have to haggle with a designer or wait for the copy edited galleys to arrive by snail mail. You are in complete control of the design and the text. You and you alone have the resources and power to put your knowledge in an e-book. What a tremendous marketing tool you create when you put together an e-book.

Don’t let a minute more pass you by! Start Writing!!

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime.
If you would like help in designing your e-book email me or call me 801-910-4825.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hot Buzz Word: Content Curation

As I was researching a subject a word kept popping up “Content Curation”? What the heck is content curation is what I thought so I delved a little deeper. All the articles I found were very vague, and I just couldn't grasp what they were talking about. Then suddenly I got it – and the answer was so easy it was the lingo that was throwing me off.

So now you may be wondering what is content curation? Simply put it is someone who finds interesting articles usually in a niche market and pulls them all into one resource. Being able to put your opinion on the item before it is accessed makes it even more fun.

It isn't just a bunch of links – the successful curators have pictures and headlines that people can't resist.

These types of websites/blogs are popular because people don't have the time in their busy schedules to surf the Internet. When they find an informative and amusing collection of video, articles, news they can count on they will come back often. There is so much good information online that is never seen. That is when the content curator steps in and pulls fun and valuable information from different resources all together. This keeps the visitors coming back for more.

To be a successful content curator you will need to research and find the top articles and videos to curate (put) on your website. The site should be updated regularly to keep people coming back day after day.

What does a page look like? See the graphic that is it, I am betting you are probably going to a website like this for information.

Some examples of popular websites that are using this method are:
Looking at these websites you know exactly what content curation is – and when you see that in an article or forum you, my friend will know the meaning. 

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

Pamela Jacob Artista Design 
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Monday, July 13, 2015

WordPress Plugins Video

I came across this video, and it is wonderful. WordPress is very popular now for blogs and websites - If you are one that has set up on WordPress this will interest you...

A step by step video....

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Are You Living the Life You Want ?

You know. I think a lot of us get caught up in the rat race and don’t stop and really think about what makes us happy.

Are you only out to make riches or are you truly following your heart desires? I heard a great saying. I am not sure who wrote it, but It is so true….

“Follow your passion and you will never work a day in your life.”

If you really love what you do - it will fulfill and motivate you. My hope is that this article will help you in evaluating your journey in business and in life. You really can have whatever you want in life - when you truly believe it and put action to it.

People have different perceptions of the ideal life, and it ranges from obtaining financial freedom to something as simple as being able to spend more time with your family. Unfortunately, many fail to reach their aspirations because they can’t get a solid, clear picture in their mind or are confused about what they really want.

How do you know exactly what you want?

If you’re a bit confused and aren't sure what you really want in life answer the questions below.

Take the next few days and embark on a fact-finding journey that will be a life-changing experience. Get a pad and pencil (or computer) and start with this first step:

1. What makes your heart beat with excitement?
2. What makes you happy?
3. What are you constantly thinking of day and night?
4. What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
5. What do you enjoy doing?
6. What are your obsessions?
7. What things make you jump for joy?

Now you may wind up with something like, “I want to be a professional dancer.” If you’re over 45 I’d say that isn't too viable a choice, but you could do something related to dance or the arts.

How about starting a ballet school for children? Or perhaps a retail business related to all things dance, promote the arts through working with struggling artists, or even managing a dance troop could be the answer.

You can always read books and surf the net to help you in your search. The most important thing to remember, no matter how “pie in the sky” it seems, is to


Others may disagree with you, but you should be firm with what you really want.

Others may offer comments or advice, but the final decision is always yours to make. You should concentrate on what you want, not what others want. 

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

Pamela Jacob Artista Design
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Content Marketing the Right Way

We all know (or should) that content marketing is a number-one priority when trying to establish your business. Writing good informative content about a product you are selling or a service you are offering is invaluable.

Content marketing is NOT to directly sell to a reader; it is to make your knowledge so compelling that they want to use your services or buy your product.

When you write helpful guides, blogs and white papers people can share the content on social media sites helping you to brand your message and increase company authority in the industry.

Important Rules for Content Marketing

  1. Treat Keywords carefully.
    The old days of keyword stuffing are long gone. Put your keyword in the title and use it only once or twice in your article.
  2. Headlines are EVERYTHING…
    Carefully craft title for articles to entice readers.
  3. Don’t just post… Engage!
    Have conversations about you article direct Traffic over to it.
  4. Remember that a great article translates into sharing.
    People want to share great contents – this translates to link building.
  5. Don’t be afraid to guest post once in a while.
    Quest posts on other relevant websites helps to cross promote content and increased exposure
  6. Your biggest enemy? Boring copy.
    Enough said…
  7. Consistency is important.
    Publish at least 1 piece of content per week. If you publish less frequently, readers will lose interest
  8. Quality is still king.
    It is better to post an article of excellent quality than 5 poorly written articles.
  9. Use the news in your favor.
    What is everyone talking about? Find out, and discuss how these current events and trends relate to your products or services.
  10. Make sure and turn searchers, readers, and fans into buyers.
    I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to put a call to action in your posts. Introduce promotions in your blogs etc.

Hopefully you have picked up a thing or two – so get out there and kick some butt....

I need your input. 

I am going to be doing online classes and I have a 3 question survey that will only take you 10 seconds.  If you will help me out by taking the time I would really appreciate that.
Thank you in advance!

Pamela Jacob Artista Design 

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Do you use SlideShare for content marketing?

I have just started putting together a Marketing plan using SlideShare. After doing much research I have found SlideShare has over 50 Million visitors per month not only that marketers--especially in B2B--are actually getting leads from the content they post on SlideShare.

According to Comscore, SlideShare is used by business owners and business executives at a rate 5 times more than any other social network.

Did You Know....

  • SlideShare receives 500 percent more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  •  SlideShare get better returns than white papers
  •  Twenty percent of visitors come to SlideShare directly from Google
  •  Mobile views on SlideShare are on the rise, having seen a 223 percent jump from last year. 
  • SlideShare is one of the few social platforms that doesn't have an ROI problem
If you have not thought about using this tool and still have reservations read the article below. It’s an excellent article and it will change your mind.

Use SlideShare for Marketing Success

Regardless of the reasons why you’re publishing — whether it’s to 
  1. Generate Leads
  2. Build Your List
  3. Educate Potential Clients/Customers
  4. Enhance Client Satisfaction
  5. Promote Information Products
The beautify of SlideShare is you can use it at every step of your creation process: As you step through a project - put up visuals so people can share what you are doing. Helping to spread the word about your product or project!

Follow Me on SlideShare

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

Pamela Jacob Artista Design 
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Royalty Free Images and Videos Resources

A few years ago, I wrote an article on royalty-free  images with references. I was going through them to re-post. I started doing some research and found new sites that I think are superior to all those I listed before.

If you want to promote your business properly visuals are so important. That is why these links are more important than ever...

Public Domain Images

330,000 Free photos, vectors and Art Illustrations (love these photo’s)
Free for personal or commercial use.
Fantastic lists of Royalty Free Images
Free for personal use or commercial

Public Domain Video Footage footage that is really fun to watch – Black and White and you can use it all for FREE (50’s, 60’s) Movies and video some full-length

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

Pamela Jacob Artista Design 
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anatomy of a Blog Post

I do blogs for several of my clients. I find a lot of people may think that it is as simple as writing and placing an article. That of course is a major piece but there are a lot of working parts that people don’t see…

There are steps that you must go through to have a professional blog post one that stands out and will
How to write a blog
be listed in the search engines as well as build your readership.

Below is a step by step guide.

Anatomy of a Blog Post…

Phase I
  • Pick the subject you are going to write your article about.
  • Start writing; don’t worry so much about punctuation or spelling you will be editing it. The main thing to worry about is getting your idea across in a well-written concise way.
  • Keywords are important; make sure you have placed keywords throughout your article.
  • Proof read - Read it out loud I find that when you do this, it will be surprised at some of the mistakes you will find. Sometimes I even go back the next day and have a fresh look. It does make a difference…
  • Run it through spell check and make sure the article has all the right grammar and punctuation. If you don’t it will reflect poorly on your blog.
  • Break up the article into five sentence paragraphs. It makes it much easier for people to read when it is placed in bit size chunks.
  • Pictures are important to create interest in the blog article. That picture can be posted and passed around social media sites and linked back to your blog.
  • Name your pictures with keywords.
Once you have the article finished and the pictures you need here comes:

Phase II
  • Make sure you have the proper SEO plugins for your blog the two most popular plugins are Yoast or the All in One SEO Pack.
  • Once placing the article as a post, make sure you have a good title.
  • Use headers in your article to help with the optimization (SEO) of your article
  • When placing links in your articles – make sure they will open in a separate window. It will keep your blog in the background so your readers can easily return.
  • The Tags you place should be reflected in the copy of the article.
  • When you import your image into the blog put in keywords and a description that will bolster your article. Position it in the article to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • If your blog allows you to choose a Permalink to take advantage of, put a keyword on the end of your link.
  • The SEO plugins allow you to put in a separate title that will show up when people see your listing in the search engines. You will want a long-tailed keyword, I cannot emphasis this enough. Maximum of 60 characters for the title
  • You will also have a place for the description. This will be a max of 160 characters, and I usually look through my article and find an intriguing sentence or two that will want to make someone read the rest of the article. This will also be on the search engine as the description.
  • Unfailingly preview your post, if it doesn’t look like you want it to go back and fix it. It is a plus if you know html because, then you can go into the code and tweak it something I have to do quite often.
  • Make sure and post articles in your blog at least once a week. The optimum is 2 times a week.
This article is a little longer than most but if you want success as a blogger you will need to put these steps into practice.

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Have You Been Using Kwout?

The Internet is amazing – I am constantly finding websites that enhance my business marketing reach, organizational problems and give crucial information that will make my business stand out from the crowd.

I love to share information I have that may help you in your success. Today, I am going to show you a fun website  that will enhance your social media.

In fact, I enjoyed this tool so much I decided to make a video just to show you how easy it is to use it.

Introducing Kwout:

To Success Beyond Measure & Friendships that Last a Lifetime...

Pamela Jacob Artista Design


Friday, February 13, 2015

Would You Like to Track Your Links?

Do you want to know how many people are clicking on your links and where they are coming

I have the perfect solution

A lot of you may already use it but I am surprised at how many people don't even know about it. It use to be, you had to take the link they set up for you, now you can name the link with your own extension example: (

Bitly uses what they call bitmarks (these are the links you have shortened); you can save, search and organize all your links from around the web. Group them into bundles and share them. 

You can track your links and view stats  to get real-time information about who is clicking your link.  It not only tells you the clicks but where your Bitly link was shared (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and how many times. It also shows the geographic distribution of clicks, and who shared the link.

I know you are going to find this so useful in your business – even in your day to day events and things you want to share. I am going to replace all my social media links into bitmarks, so I can see who is really clicking on them and what location.

Go to and register now. I would love to hear your experiences when using bitly. If you have any other great ideas let me know...

To Success Beyond Measure & Friendships that Last a Lifetime...

Pamela Jacob Artista Design


Monday, January 5, 2015

The 80/20 Rule in Social Media

When using social media and creating a  brand  the rules are completely different than they were in the old days. With traditional marketing, the most common practice was promoting and selling your product and being very aggressive about it. If you do this on social media, people will  stop following you.

In fact, 56% of people do just that to businesses or people that are boring or use only sales related posts.

I was given some really good advice from a social marketing guru he told me to think about it as networking and creating relationships. When you build relationships, you will see your business grow exponentially.

The 80/20 Rule:

Statistic’s say the most important rule to follow for success is 80% informational and 20% sales.

The 80% needs to be informative, helpful, or inspiring. Don't be afraid to use other people’s posts and links, in fact, you can thank them in the comment section using the @name.

For more tips and trick be sure to come back often.

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

Pamela Jacob Artista Design 
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