Thursday, July 31, 2008

SEO and all that Jazz!

The other day I received an email from a previous client that really disturbed me. Now I am really not very thin skinned and have been in this business a long, long time, so I can handle most any situation.

Most of my clients are fabulous – every once in a while there is a client that you try to please, and you go above and beyond the call of duty and they still question what has been done.

This client whom I had built a website for and did make sure her website was search engine optimized – emailed me with a scathing letter on what I had not done for her as far as back end keywords and meta tags etc. It seems that another web person had told her that these things had not been done.

Believe me, we went through and did it, and did it, and did it… IF you know what I mean…

The kicker to this story is she had another very professional person go through this website (right after we built it) with a fine tooth comb and all of these things had been done – according to an independent study (someone other than myself) she even has the report.

Why am I telling you this?

Understanding search engine optimization – is something that is sometimes very challenging. Things do change on a regular basis, for instance in studying the latest from the expert's, Google ignores the meta description tag and instead will automatically generate its own description for your pages.

A lot of people know nothing about this – and depend on experts to tell them what to do. Make sure you know and trust who you talk to. Moreover, things change so what is true today may change tomorrow.

Some experts tell you to only index a few main pages – then you will get a higher ranking – most say to use a site map so the spiders from search engines can index all the links.

So what is a website owner supposed to do?

Even though Google reportedly gets about 85% of the share of searches, there are a lot of search engines that are extremely popular.

Yahoo and MSN are searched by millions. In addition, what about the niche search engines that are particularly important if you are in a niche market??

All of the search engines have slightly different criteria so why not just cover all of your bases?

Do it all - the meta tags, alt tags, and remember the page titles are extremely important.

Most of all remember once your have your website – complete with all SEO criteria – submit them to search engines!!

For a free check list of SEO components go to my website and download it.

To your success.

Pamela Jacob - Artista Design

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are You a Professional Student?

Going through my emails today – tons and tons I might add. The thought came to me if I get bogged down in all the information coming into my inbox and stressed over what to save or what to throw away. How do you feel!!! Overwhelmed, anxiety ridden – I am sure to say the least!

Quite frankly, going through all the (junk) email is a big part of my job. Going through all my emails to find the gems – new resources and idea's, that is why my clients pay me, to stay on top of revolving technologies and thing that work to explode their businesses.

However, that is the exception rather than the rule… I see so many of you who (for lack of better terms) waste days and days filtering through information that may or may not be beneficial to your business. I remember my father telling me about what he called professional students.

These were students who loved learning so much they just stayed in the university and would go for years and years, never really getting out in the real world and applying what they learned – and we all know that is where the real education begins!

Think about it. Are you a professional student?

Do you spend hours – days just going through and learning everything you can – not really developing an action plan to put into place? Are you feeling disjointed and the information you are collecting seems abstract? Are you having problems just Connecting the Dots? I will tell you everything is not for everybody.

Affiliate marketers need different skill sets and tools than people who are building an e-commerce site. A service oriented professional will need different knowledge than an online widget store. Taking action is essential, and outlining that action making sure that what you are doing and or learning is going to directly impact your goals for the better, that is the key.

Let me explain – first of all you need to have your goals and plans written – what is it, you want to do? What is the ultimate out come (dream a little) in a perfect world you business would be xyz – and making, fill in the blanks_________, _________ .

(lots of money, Helping people that need help? Etc) IF you are stressing over marketing, SEO, and you don't even have a website… What is the point!

Take action – Learn what you need to do step by step. Do you want to start with a blog or website? I believe you need both, but what do you start with and why?

What is the difference between a blog and website and why do I need both? To some of you this is very basic stuff but to a lot of people starting out it really isn't – you don't have to be an expert at everything to be successful.

Let me repeat – you don't have to be an expert at everything to be successful. If that were the case we would all be complete failures! You see I learned a long time ago that what you do well do it, what others do well hire it done. The adage time is money is really true. If I am struggling to put together a widget (taking me hours) for my store, and I know I can be out selling this widget and making twice the money – I should hire it done. I will have it built – make money and be able to pay the widget maker as well.

A personal example: I know that my talent lays in my artistic ability to design. I am not shy at saying I am a talented graphic designer / web designer. Through the years I have become a successful consultant and project manager and learned from the best on how to market on the Internet. I may be able to do some minor programming – but I do know that I am not a programmer per say. When I have a job that needs to be done – shopping carts – .asp pages etc, I don't even attempt to learn the programming language. I would be miserable (I hate that stuff) I would be wasting my time and pulling my hair out both of which I don't have enough of. Moreover, in the time it would take me to begin to understand the language, I could have made a lot of money.

What do I do when I need this done – hire a programmer (I trust and know). This is my business, and my reputation is at stake, so I don't just trust anyone to work with me, they have to live up to my standards as well. My reputation is all I have – it doesn't matter how wonderful the work is or how beautiful the design is – if people are unhappy with how something functions or your customer service stinks its all over for your business (,but I digress!).

The moral of this long, long story? You must start putting together an action plan that will get you results - instead of spinning your wheels. Are you going to tackle putting together you own website? Do you have the knowledge to do a professional website, what about artistic ability to design something that will attract you target markets? If not find a professional that will work with your vision – let them create, and you do what you do best. This can go for anything you are doing in your business.

Synopsis: Have a vision – put it down on paper. Decide what action steps need to be taken – pull together the players to make it happen. Learn, what will work for your type of business and/or find a professional you trust that will be honest and tell you the truth, what you really need to do to get your business off the ground.

If you have a floundering business – don't keep doing what you're doing, or it will keep floundering. Find a professional, not the neighbor or you best friends (unless they are experts at what you are looking for) – someone you know you can trust to give you truthful advice.

Someone who will be completely honest with you – and has your interest at heart not someone who only has their eye's on the bottom line (you money!)

If you need help with your website or would like a free consultation contact me: and don't forget to check out my website, Artista Design

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Are you being bamboozled?

I was reading a really interesting blog post today – in all the technical jargon and impressive verbiage was a tried and true message.

If you seem to be floundering in your Internet business it could be one of the several things;

No Plan, no process, no tools to work with (website, blog, knowledge)


Hype and Outright Fraud…

The first 3 points are self explanatory the last one however is an obvious problem many people don't check out – you may be asking what does she mean?

This is what I mean…

We all would love to be able to throw up a website or blog and immediately be getting the benefits – money coming in hand over fists – opt-in list full to the gills and glorious riches.

Does this sound familiar? Have you read some of these claims in your e-mails?

When you are promised that you will get rich with no work and very little money run as fast as you can…

Every business on the Internet or otherwise takes time, knowledge, and it has to go through a process. The worldwide web is full of con-artists that claim to have the key to instant riches, think about this for a minuet.

Common sense would tell you if they have a get rich quick product that truly worked - they would be rich.

Then why would they need to solicit you? Especially, for pennies on the dollar?

A lot of these so called expert have not even reaped rewards from their products – their way of getting rich is by selling this product to people who believe they can be rich overnight!

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

There is a wealth of knowledge to be had on the Internet and a lot of great professionals that can guide you and give you the knowledge and tools to succeed.

Find professionals you trust and follow them. Learn from them – anyone that is successful in business will tell you it takes time, careful planning, and knowledge.

Now you get out their work hard, learn much and get rich. It will happen when you do it the right way.

To your success!

Pamela Jacob, Artista Design

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

What about the economy? Don't let it drag you down!!

I received a newsletter in my email the subject line read:

Focus on Your Customers Instead of the Economy

That is so right! As I hear all the doom and gloom on the cable news networks I have to say to myself – yes gas prices are up but – then isn't the Internet the way to go!!

Honestly if you have an online business then you are in a better position then ever. People will be shopping online to save gas and that is a great thing. You may be saying

Oh my, is she serious – yes I am !

if you are one of those people who dwell on the negative – you will get what you believe. Moreover, that is my truth, I have seen it over and over what you believe you will achieve!

Consequently, now is a great time to keep your focus – market the heck out of your business and reap the rewards. I am putting the link to her inspiring newsletter below – I am sure you will enjoy this months edition as much as I have.

Newsletter to read - Learn, Share, Prosper
To your success!
Pamela Jacob - Artista Design

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monetize Your Business. Free Video Tutorials!

Free Tutorial Series! I have just sent out a broadcast to my data-base about my video tutorial series on Hubpages. I bought them as well as the resell rights. The best part is I am offering them for free. Originally I was only going to offer it to those on my list but then I thought. Why not give my readers this opportunity as well! This video series will teach you from A to B about how to set up Hubpages and how to monetize them to make extra income! Even if you already have a Hubpage account and think you know it all – think again. You will find some new and interesting ways to work with Hubpages. This sign-up will only be available for the first 250 people who sign-up after that it will go back into my treasure trove – and I will be repackaging them for resell in my tutorial series. Don’t miss out… Click the link and learn learn learn!! Free Video Tutorials To your success Pamela Jacob Artista Design

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kudo’s – If I Do Say So Myself!

I just have to say I am ecstatic!

One of my clients has just received an award from the U.S. Local Business Association - USLBA (located in Washington DC).

“Wasatch Front Ski Accommodations Receives 2008 Best of Salt Lake City Award“

We have both worked hard to get exposure from the ground floor up -rebuilding the website – making sure it was search engine optimized and in the last few months doing a lot of internet marketing through blogs, and web 2.0 sites.

I have to say Wasatch Front Ski Accommodations has been an amazing client. Gayleen the owner has listened to what I recommended and worked right along side of me to make this happen.

We are still working on gaining new ground in different markets so this is just a great confirmation that all our hard work is paying off.

It was quite a surprise when she received the notice – it came out of the blue!

So Kudo’s to Wasatch Front Ski Accommodations – and Gayleen for
Getting this award and I am sure there will be many more to come.

I have put up the press release – check it out! And while you are at it check out both of her sites. Her main site is the sister site we are just starting to promote is

Congratulations Gayleen!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Fantastic Find!

OK so I probably should have known about this website long ago. I didn't – while putting together my FREE tutorials on monetizing your Hubpages. As I was reviewing my videos and gathering all the information, I came across this remarkable website that will shorten your affiliate links for FREE! Yes you heard me right – when you have those long drawn out affiliate links that break when you try to stick them in your email, or you just want something that isn't so long and obvious this website will reduce the link to a manageable size. If you use affiliates in your marketing plan – you will love this website! I will be announcing my free video tutorial series on Monetizing Hubpages – in the next day or two… To your success, Pamela Jacob – Artista Design