Sunday, August 5, 2007

Chicken or Beef

Not to sound like a broken record... But here it goes! Get a grip everyone… I am still hearing the same old stuff--- but so and so said content is the most important don't worry about the look of the site so much… It is content that sells. Once again may I remind everyone that if visitors are not impressed with the presentation of the content what makes you believe that a person will stay around and read the content??? If a casual visitor to your site, loves the presentation (look) of the website then reads what you have to offer – and gets nothing except fluff or the same old thing he/she gets everywhere what makes you think they will stay at your site and look further??? Do you like Chicken or Beef? Chinese, Mexican or American Quisine? You get my drift – why not just have a fantastic looking site with great content…. Then you will get the best of both worlds people who love visuals, people who are driven by content and those that know the value of both!!

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