Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Are You Serious About Success?

I was recently contacted by a woman who took me up on my offer (free website critique). She first sent me an e-mail and asked if we could talk, I then e-mailed her back with a time. 

She called me the minute I said I would contact her. You may be thinking so what? 

You may be amazed at what I am about to tell you, but there are so many people who claim to want to have a successful online business, or they say they
really, really want to do what it takes to make it to the top. 

Even so, they don't put the action behind the words… 

This woman showed she is serious about doing what it takes. 

In my many years of experience, I have had many people who have e-mailed me or sent me a project request, when I answered them they didn't even bother to reply – or they did not send me their telephone number because they were too busy to talk and say, “just send it to me in writing." 

This tells me one of two things, 

1. They are not serious about building a successful business. 

2. They don't respect my time - and want something for nothing.

In ether situation – it is not the atmosphere in which I will work… and as a professional – neither should you. 

If you are like me, you have very little time so every second counts. I only want to do business with like-minded people – those people who are willing to put in the work to do what it takes and those businesses that respect my professional expertise. 

Only 3% of people ever reach their goals in life – and get to where they want to go. The reason the other 97% don't is because they are not willing to do what it takes… 

Those that are successful are:

  • Have a Plan
  • Persistent
  • Take action
  • Do what it takes. 
  • When they make mistakes, they pick themselves up, brush themselves off, learn from it and tread forward. 

Winston Churchill said "never, never, never give up." He was right...

Pamela Jacob Artista Design


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