Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seven Mistakes that Could Cause Your Business to Fail...

"It doesn't matter whether your product is information or a flyswatter. If you understand marketing, you can make serious income."

Robert G. Allan, ~Author Multiple Streams of Internet Income ~

This article is assuming you have a professional website that appeals to your target market. If you don't then quit reading this and get your website done. A website is the foundation of your business - the corner stone to your company image.

Mistake Number 1 - It is all About Them

This is about the copy the guts of your website and how to position yourself so people want to buy from you.

The people that access your website do not really care about you. I know this can be devastating to think about (just kidding).

The copy on your main home page needs to be about your potential client. It has to connect to what they desire or need to solve a problem.

It should't be all fluff – and it shouldn't read like an encyclopedia. When a visitor first enters your website, they need to know; "What is in it for me." Point out problems they may have and show them how your product can solve those problems.

On the other hand, perhaps it is a recreational website be descriptive let them know how much fun they will have and what you have to offer. If they can visualize how they will feel using your products or service you are more than half way there.

Mistake Number 2 - All Fluff No Meat

Once you have established why they would want to take advantage of what you have to offer you can then follow up with sound facts and benefits. All people are different some buy through an emotional connection how your presentation makes them feel, and the visual appeal of your website. Others are more detailed oriented and want to know the nuts and bolts. You want to give both types of visitors what they want.

When writing your copy, stick to the emotionally-gratifying benefits. Never talk down to the readers as though you are their parent, or you're better than they are. To you, the potential customer is GOLD.

Mistake Number 3 - No Opt in Box

It is proven that most visitors to your website will come more than once before they decide to buy. That is why you need an opt-in page, so they can sign-up for something of value preferably free. You can then use your data-base as a marketing tool sending emails of interest this will embed your business in their mind.

Mistake Number 4 - No Endorsements or Testimonials

You absolutely need endorsements and testimonials: Endorsements and testimonials are effective ways to dramatize facts and back up the benefits of your product, but don't use any that looks or feels transparent.

If you can get a picture to go with the testimonials that will reassure your visitors that they are real. Any testimonials you use must be true. Authenticity is what people want – most people can smell a phony a mile away.

Mistake Number 5 - Do What You Say and Say What you Mean

It cannot be said enough STAND BEHIND YOUR WORD. I have on occasionally miss quoted a job; it took me longer than I imagined. I still lived up to my word and only charge them the amount agreed upon – I may have made a little less money at the moment, but I gained a lot more in having a return customer.

Mistake Number 6 - Putting People on the Back Burner

Please return emails or phone calls in a timely manner. If you don't I will guarantee you will lose business.

Real Life Example:

In my in-box was an email that a company had sent to advertise services, I truly though it would be great for my business to use this service, so I replied and asked a few questions. Didn't hear back for about two weeks, and even then when I received the email my questions were not answered.

This business has been sending email to me since,  but do you really think I would use their service? No way  if they cannot reply in a timely manner can you imagine what a nightmare it would be if worked with them on a project?

Mistake Number 7 - Give Customer Service (DUH)

Be cheerful and polite when returning a phone call. Let your patrons know that you sincerely appreciate their business and not to hesitate in contacting you if there is anyway, you can be of further assistance.

Don't show an attitude even if you are thinking I just don't have time for this it will come through on the phone. Good customer service is hard to get these days and when someone finds it; they will more than likely stay your customer.

I see these mistakes often; That is why I wrote this article. There are many businesses I would never use again. And there are many businesses I am loyal to and would not change even if someone offered a better deal. It is a lot cheaper to maintain a customer then to have to look for a new one.

Now go knock the socks off your competitors!!

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