Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Exerpt From A Fantastic Book

Very seldom do I put articles in my Blog that other people have written - however today I make an exception. I have been told I can take excepts from this amazing book and post it on "Promotional Designer" - because I love this book - I am willing to make an exception!

Conscious Entrepreneurs Use the Gift of their Intuition

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift ~Albert Einstein~

Conscious entrepreneurs are raising their awareness and consciousness - by coming into alignment and embodying the gift of their intuition in their life and in their business.

They know that authentic success is from the inside out.

As they discover exactly how to consciously tap into their inner wisdom, they can make crystal-clear decisions in their business, reduce stress, feel more ease and vitality, and create a life and business in sync.

Are you one of these conscious entrepreneurs?

Or would you like to be one of them? It is actually very simple.

You already use your intuition every day in your business whether you realize it or not. From snap decisions to hunches, you are now being guided by this inner wisdom.

So here are the first 7 steps:

1. Say yes to your intuition!

Some of the messages you are already getting are unconscious … so when you open to your intuition by saying yes, you create conscious awareness.

So take time now to feel the yes in your heart.

2. Come into a state of being.

A simple way to do this is to tune into your breath.

(This will help you to quiet your analytical mind and become fully present in the moment.)

Here is one of the techniques I discovered (many years of acupuncture study). It is very simple, yet very subtle, so have patience with yourself.

This will relax your body, expand your breath and bring you into your heart. This allows you to feel your connection in your heart with your source. It’s also very grounding.

Rub your palms together. Allow your fingers to soften. Now face your palms towards your body. Place your right thumb between your left ring finger and pinky finger and gently slide your right thumb into your left palm. Your right thumb nail will face you. Now gently wrap the fingers of your right hand around your left pinky finger. Feel that you are embracing your left pinky finger. Relax your arms onto a table, desk or your lap. And breathe. Feel your body … feel what happens with your breath. Do this now with your eyes closed.

3. Ask a simple question where the answer is yes or no.*

4. Allow the answer to come to you. Key: If you try to grab it, it will certainly disappear!;)

5. Appreciate and thank your intuition!

6. Act immediately from inspiration on the message you receive. The sooner the better.

7. Witness any outcome … and then celebrate!;)

*For yes-no awareness techniques, see our e-Book "Create a Conscious Business", page 26.

Make a daily date with your intuition, like tea time with a friend. Remember my four P’s: presence, practice (daily), patience, and most importantly … play with it!

When you decide to take time to come into alignment and tap into your intuition, you will create expansion that brings a life of freedom, fun and joy - authentic success from the inside out.

Mary Denaro is a contributing author to Align, Expand and Succeed; Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success. This “just released” book is based on the premise that the world is changing at a very rapid pace. We are starting to see that cooperation brings better results than old style competition. It’s a new era and we need to work together to create success for everyone, not just for a few.

This book features dozens of conscious entrepreneurs who share their wisdom, expertise, stories, lessons and insights about the new and exciting shifts that are happening for entrepreneurs worldwide.

This book is designed to raise the vibration of the planet like never before. Get your copy of Align, Expand and Succeed and enjoy an abundance of gifts with your purchase. http://www.aesbook.com

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The power of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is such a powerful tool to use - it actually allows you to decide what you want to measure on your website. You can literally put this tool to work for you and personalize it as well. You can define your ideal objective, goals as well as specifics.

If all you want to know is who visited your website and how they got there - that is simple enough and you can do that. However, the power of Google Analytics lay in the ability to define goals and put on filters that will allow you to do in-depth analysis of your website.

What do I mean?

Let me break it down for you so you know how to use Google Analytics and have the biggest advantage. First of all, Google works with objectives, goals, and specifics, these allow you to really hone in on what you are trying to accomplish when managing your website.

Objectives: An objective is the big picture – what do you want your website to do? What is the purpose for your website what do you want visitors to do once they are there.

If you are an e-commerce site your objective is to sell products and make a profit. Using Google Analytics, you can actually see the products that are selling and what products are not - helping you to pull the product that is not selling or market it in a different way. This of course will translate into big profits for your business.

Goals: If objectives are the result you ultimately want to achieve with your website, a goal is a short term aim.

What has to happen for you to learn which products sell and which don't? Or perhaps your goal is to sell 30 more widgets within 6 months. You can do this using Google analytics as the tool and setting goals within the application.

Specifics: Now that you have outlined your objectives and goals you are ready to use Google to your advantage. Specifics are the “how” the action steps you will take to reach what you really want.

Example: You would set up the sales page and a funnel (using Google Analytics) to measure how traffic comes in to your sales page. Google can tell you where visitors are entering as well as what page your visitors are exiting from. Knowing how your visitors are responding to your website allows you to go to these pages and tweak them so you can get the results you want.

Google has made it easy to place the code in your web pages, they do the initial metrics for you and the best thing is it is free.If you are not particularly savvy on html or how to apply the code have your web developer apply it to every page. You can even generate .pdf to analyze the month by month statistics.

Once the code is embedded in your web pages, Google will start collecting data and within a few days you will see countless stats related to your site. Then it is time for you to become familiar with the dashboard that Google provides - you will be able to set up the goals and specifics of your website.

You access all the data through the Internet so you can login and set parameters right then and there.

Another great function of Google Analytics is that you can set up different profiles for one website. You can put different code on different websites of course, but you can also break down one website into different profiles and monitor them independently, or you can use the different profiles to see which sections of your website are effective and which are not.

AdWords and Analytics Google

AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising program. Essentially you would buy keywords and then pay them for every time a potential client (website visitor) clicks on an ad you put up through Google. You also have the option to pay for impressions - that means everytime your ad loads on a page.

If you are thinking about using AdWords as part of your marketing campaign or are using them already Google works seamlessly in providing you with the answer to that all important questions, Is this ad working, am I making more money then I am spending? You can see if the visitor who clicked on the ad (you just paid for) bought something, or they clicked away from your website without purchasing the product you are selling.

You will be able to see where your visitors entered the site and where they leave it. When you sign up for Google and AdWords us the same account number (Google uses Gmail as the login and password) you can link both accounts together. AdWords will be imported into your Google Analytics Account. This provides you with a safety net so you can watch the behavior or you visitors and change what isn't working.

The development team at Google has a way of making their tools very usable and Google Analytics is just one of many tools that live up to these high standards.

I am amazed that everyone doesn't use this tool, if you need help in placing analytics on your pages email me or give me a call.

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