Monday, June 16, 2014


Google+ had a slow start, but it is fast becoming one of my favorite social media sites. Let me make a prediction – I believe it will surpass Facebook soon.   I say that because I am finding Google+ much more flexible and interactive than Facebook. The circle system really lets you target who you want to get messages to and Google+ does not withhold messages and send them to who they think wants to see them. 

It is a bit of a learning curve but isn't everything? Remember trying to learn Facebook or Twitter?

Below I have outlined learning basics… we will start with the screen, and I will be writing posts and showing video of another Google+ training as time goes on.

Learning the Google+ Screen

On the top left hand side, you’ll see a Home button. Click on it and you’ll be able to access:
  • Home
    Your news-feed – what your friends are posting
  • Profile
    Your Landing Page – what others see when they access your page.
  • People
    Find people to follow and see who is following you
  • Photos
    All the photo’s you have uploaded
  • Communities
    See communities you are part of. Invitations to new communities or make your own.  Just like groups on Facebook. You can gather to chat with people about specific topics. There area private (invitation only) groups and community groups
  • Events
    Plan an event and post it – or find an event you want to go to
  • Hangouts
    Video conferencing can be viewed on any device. Live video on – air broadcasts for private or public meetings.
  • Pages
    This is a portal to all the pages your manage (business pages etc)
  • Local
    This is connected to your location and shows you relevant businesses that you can check out and/or review.
  • Settings
    Manage your notifications, privacy, circles etc.
I hope this makes it a little clearer for all of you who are new to Google+. - Now that you know how to navigate go out there and network until your heart is content.

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