Thursday, June 19, 2014

Learn the Language of Google+

Google+ is a dynamic merging of all of Google’s many services in one open network. It is similar to other social networks but does have important difference and terminology.

Google+ Circles:

This is the way you organize your contacts – you can add circles and label them whatever makes sense to you.  Let’s say you want to have all the media contacts in one circle you would then label the circle “Media Contacts." When you want to send out messages to only media, you would access that circle and send.

When you want to send messages, you can decide which contacts/circles. You can have as many circles with as many labels as you want. You can add one person to any number of circles. In addition to customizing your circles to fit with how you interact in real life; you can also personalize how your profile appears to each circle you create, i.e.; relationship information can be kept separate from a work profile.

At the top of your page, you can see the labels of the different circles you have formed. When you click on individual names, you will see the stream of posts from each specific circle. You can also put descriptions in circles. See graphic below.


This is exactly like your news-feed in Facebook. One centralized place of shared content by the connections you have made contact with (Put in your circles)

Hangouts and Chat:

This is live social networking.  Connecting with people who are online right this minute, instant messaging, lived video chat or group conversations.You can communicate directly and instantly with people you invite they can be in your circles or not.


Google+ communities are like a group or forum, that bring like-minded people together. They can be private by invitation only or public where anyone can join. Groups are specific interests anything from cooking to environmental issues.

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