Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Why Do People Use Pinterest.

Pinterest is always analyzing the people who use their website and what they are searching for. They have found that Peoples interest generally fall into five categories:

What Drives People to Pinterest
  1. A passion they have – Photography, Art, Traveling
  2. Training/learning – Expanding their knowledge, keep skills updated, seeing what is going on in their industry
  3. Hobbies they do for fun – Crafts, Art Projects, Running …A short term project – Redecorating a room, planning a Wedding,
  4. Putting together a party. Interests that could change as time goes on – like colors, fashion

Now that you have this information at your fingertips how do you use it? It all comes down to knowing who your target market is. I know you probably have heard that phrase everyday  day of your life – there
is a reason for that it because it is true!

What types of passions would people who do business with you have, do they have certain interests that set them apart from the general population?  Research your audience you will find your eyes will be opened to ideas on how to get them to follow you on Pinterest.

After you have done your due diligence think about what content your business already has that you could add to Pinterest so people who need your services or products will search out your boards.

People love humor so don’t be afraid to throw a little of that in. And beautiful or intriguing picture the pin that I have had literally go viral was of a dog sitting in a robe no kidding!

Go to my Pinterest page and check it out. Click on the board Giggles – Joy and you will see the dog sitting there with a robe and a cup of coffee it has had so far 36 likes and 150 shares. Every day I have one more share! Get off the stick have some fun and get into the Pinterest Craze…

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