Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pinterest Group Boards and Secret Boards

In a previous article I talked about how to set up a basic business Pinterest Page but did you know that you can also create a group board and a secret board as well?

Group Boards

Typically you would set up a group board to collaborate with colleagues, clients or friends.  Group boards are a great way to bring people together and organize ideas. They can also benefit your business and brand.  Collaborating with like-minded individual will bring a lot more attention to your board. Think about it, your pins will go to those following you as well as those following people you invite.

It is a fantastic way to network. Set up a group board with a common topic and expand you network at the same time. How about finding some leaders in your basic field that will complement what you are doing and inviting them. I would call this a win win Proposition.

If you are someone who designs things for clients like a wedding planner,  interior designer etc. This would be a great planning board. Having clients post what they like or want. You can post some ideas for them to go over. What a great planning tool. Pinterest will send you a notification each time a contributor pins to a board. It is important that you monitor the board just in case you get a rough pin or pinner – You can uninvited someone on a group board.

Secret Boards

Secret boards are pretty interesting – when you set them up nobody but those you invite can see them. The pins will not be searchable and they will not go into categories. So they truly are secret. You can only create 3 secret boards so you will have to use them wisely.

4 things to remember

  1. ONLY the creator of the board can edit the secret board, invite people, and block people that are posting things that are offensive.
  2. ONLY the board’s creator can make the board public. No other person will be able to change this setting.
  3. Only invited contributors will be able to view the secret board and request approval for people they would like to invite to the secret board.
  4. Only the person who created the board will be able to approve or remove these pinners
Of course all contributors will have access to pinning on this board. All contributors will also be able to re-pin contents of the secret board to other boards. These re-pins and likes will not display information about the secret board or link back to the secret board

If you are invited to be part of a secret board there are something’s you need to consider. Make sure you trust the creator of this board. They have full control and can make the board visible to everyone at any time. 

If the creator decides to go public with a secret board, the board pins, comments and who posted them become visible for all to see. You will then be in the public with your secrets posted...

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