Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Researching Keywords – How to do it Right.

Everyone who has a website knows (or should know) how important keywords are.  Search engines use keywords when they include your website in their search results. Keywords can make or break your search engine ranking. When searching for Keyword it is important to remember, it’s not always about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors.

Often overlooked is the long-tailed keyword. Did you know 70% of searches are done with long-tailed
keywords? Long-tailed keywords often convert better, because they catch people later in the buying/conversion cycle.

(Long-tailed Keywords) Keyword phrases with at least 2 or three words in them.

Think about how you search – do you put one word in or a string of words. I personally put in 3 or 4 to get what I want. And usually it is in a sentence such as: Free guided meditation audio or How to plant petunia’s you get what I mean.

Another mistake a lot of people make is putting in keywords that are the most popular and most competitive. This makes it virtually impossible to come up on the first page of a search engine. What you want to look for are those keywords and phrases that have a lot of people searching but not so many businesses using them.

When using a keyword research tool you will find that there are different columns of information. Usually you will put in a keyword or phrase and hit search you will see a lot of different versions of the keywords below and alongside of them will be a column with something like Search Volume (this is the number of people search using that keyword or phrase) and Competition (these are the number of websites that are using the same keywords). You will want to pick the keywords that have a lot of volume but less competition. This is why keyword research tools are invaluable…

Below are 4 Free Keyword Research websites.
  1. Keyword Country
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Key Word Discovery (free trial)
  4. Moz (You will have to register to get the tools)
Don’t forget if you are local to put the location/City/State in your keywords – it will make a big difference.

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