Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Setting up a New Business – How to Succeed

I am currently working with a client who I know is going to be successful. They have the passion and excitement but more than that, they have done the home work that should be involved with building a strong foundation for their business.

Have you really set up a sound foundation for your business?

It is so much easier to build a business right the first time than to try and save a company that is floundering. The mistakes I see individuals make when starting an online business would surprise you. An amazing amount of people really do not take the time to research competitors, find out who their target market is or even
Strategic Planning
figure out what they will need in order to market their business/services once they have website is developed.
In our society, we (me included) want it all right now. We don't want to have to wait… We want instantaneous wealth, success, fame that is why it is so easy for those unethical few to bilk people/businesses out of billions of dollars a year…

What have I learned being in business for over a decade? There are no short cuts…

To be successful in any endeavor you must first do what it takes to build a strong foundation, this includes:
  • Researching
  • Learning about your competition
  • Who is your target market?
  • Putting together a business plan
  • Figuring out and setting aside a marketing budget
  • Figuring out your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Learning that you don't cut corners on the important stuff.
    • Online image creation. It is no longer an option to have a website and work with social media. If you are going to build a business you need to develop these crucial pieces.
    • Develop a traditional marketing package – including business cards, branding you look with logo, tagline and contact information including website, Facebook etc. Other things such as flyers, online brochures etc. depending on your business.
    • Develop a following – a data-base of people who are interested in your product or service.

Put together a blueprint for your success – it takes time to be able to hammer these things out. It is so crucial it literally can make a different on whether your company will live or die.
Did you know that 99% of these overnight success stories are simply not.

These “lucky few” have been dreaming, planning, and structuring this “overnight success” for some time in some cases for years…

Don't be fooled – Success is not an accident, and it is not a fluke…

When you plan well and build a strong foundation. Success is up to you.

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Pamela Jacob