Monday, March 9, 2009

Don’t Fall Victim to Dishonest Web Developers

A Disturbing Trend

Yesterday I had a phone call from a person who was quite frustrated about a website he had a web professional do for him (that is what they called themselves – I beg to differ).

He had a basic website built and now could not get that person to send him any information on how to update it (no password, login or ftp) – nor was he informed on the very basics of the site its self.

That in its self is disturbing –, but as I looked into it for him, I came to find out that the domain name was not registered in his name but that of the business who built it for him. He did not even own his domain name –, and it is his family name.

This website was not a website at all but a Word Press blog. That isn’t a big deal except, he was led to believe that this was a website, on top of that it was built with a Word Press Theme template.

Consequently, no custom banner was ever involved, he was being led to believe it was custom, and this web business was being territorial about what??

This enrages me, it gives all web designers/developers a bad name – and I for one hope that none of you go through anything like this. As a result, I am writing this article to warn you.

Please be sure that whoever you choose to do a custom website for you – actually will do a website – if they want to do a blog as a website you need to know.

If you want a blog set up that is great but just be aware of what you are paying for.

What are you paying for? A template is a template is a template right! WRONG… When talking about a template with a potential web designer make sure that you differentiate what you are talking about.

Some templates that are sold –are not actually custom. You may be buying a template that a 1000 other people have with some custom features like – different website copy etc.

Some templates are semi- custom – these will be furnished with a different banner – your original copy and possibly some other graphics that are bought by you or the developers.

The templates that are truly custom, – are not always called templates you own the whole website - the design, concept, and copy. The whole website is yours and only yours.

No one will have a website like yours because it is one of a kind. You own the copyrights to it – you own the original graphics that are developed.

This can be true for blogs as well as website. As I have talked about in a few of my previous articles – make sure you do not – let me repeat – do not – put all you eggs in one basket.

How to Protect Your Business

I suggest you register your own domain name – I like – they are easy to register with, and you can transfer your domain name to any host. They are also inexpensive, but beware of the pop up screens that ask you to buy everything under the sun most of the time you only need the domain name – by pass the rest.

Host with a different provider – I like “Hands On Web Hosting” – they are prompt to answer my questions, I can set up my own emails, I love the staff – knowledgeable and customer service friendly.

If you want a cheap template that is customizable - hire a web designer/developer to help you customize it and upload it to your host – when you buy it from a host it is tied to the host… If you can afford it have a custom website – it is well worth it in the long run, and it is YOURS…

You do not want to be in the situation where you have everything done by one company.

Picture Yourself in this Situation

Scenario: You found a company that does everything – registers the domain, builds your website, sets up your emails and even hosts the website for you – WOW. How convenient is that!

Everything goes along smoothly and you are happy happy happy… Then something goes wrong – your email is not coming to you like before. You try to get a hold of them, and they do not answer. Your emails are you life blood, your income …

What do you do? You decide to take the bull by the horns and move to a different host – What happens when they own your domain name, or the custom template you bought isn’t custom at all and owned by the company, or what happens if they refuse to cooperate… Unfortunately, this happens a lot.

My Story

I had a host that I had used with for 5 years – they were great, you could contact them on the spot, and then with out my knowledge they sold the company – change of owners.

Everything changed, they would accept only email communications – that were not answered in a timely manner - I became really unhappy with the host, and I moved.

However, I had set up my business the right way and transfer everything without a hitch or hiccup.

Heed My Warning

Educate yourself before you jump in and decide what you want for your business – make sure you can trust the people you work with – that they are interested in your business success not just the bottom line – money in their pockets.

Find a professional that can answer your questions – remember, there are no dumb questions, especially when you are building a business.

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