Monday, November 10, 2008

Blow Out Price for Royalty Free Photos!

I have decided that when I run across a good deal (this is a great deal) I would share it with you. There are a lot of places to buy images some you have to pay per image – some are more expensive than others. So many times new online businesses are using images they do not have permission to - and a lot of the free sites have a written agreement that you will use them for your own personal use not for business advertising purposes. This can open your business up to law suites and other copy right infringement problems - and believe me when you become successful people will notice...

Because I am a designer, I buy subscriptions to websites that allow me to download royalty free images (unlimited). I never know from month to month what images I may need or what type of clients I will have.

I just became aware of a fantastic sale this service offers - clipart - photo's - fonts - sounds.

They have a smaller inventory than a few of the other site I get photo's from but for $29.99 a year (that is only $ 2.50 a month) unlimited downloads and the images are royalty free in addition to that ... How can you beat it!

Who know how long they will have this sale?

To be honest with you I do have a favorite, and it is – it has a Hugh variety of great photos and clip art (so don’t let the name fool you) along with free fonts and sounds…

Great for those multimedia projects that you are trying to finish up.

If you are in the graphic design field and need very high resolution images you may want to go to – much more expensive but when you are in the print industry you need a much higher quality graphic. These pictures are much less expensive than buying them piece by piece…

These photos are not just your standard stock photos – large formats and professionally done. has professional looking – unusual pictures.

Pamela Jacob - Artista Design