Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Are Your Profits Being Stolen Out From Under You?

I have had an interesting few months, I am constantly learning – as we all are in the Internet world.

One client I have been working with – had developed a training manual and threw her life experience into this book. She had published this manual as a hard back and is even teaching classes in her industry. Being in the next phase of development my client felt like she would like to give the opportunity of her expertise to anyone who desired a rewarding life in the travel industry.

Walla, we put her book together into an e-book and developed a landing page for her business.

When Cherie asked me “what can I do to protect the book from being passed around or pirated” I was surprised – I had never in all my years in business been asked that question...

I knew how to password protect a book and stop anyone from being able to alter the contents. I had never really been concerned about the material being sent from one place to another.

Was I being naive? I had always dealt with books that had affiliate links and the authors of these e-books really didn't mind passing the book around or even giving it out for free.

This training manual (as my client so elegantly put it) was 15 years of her life and resources. It was a lot of hard work and tears to pull everything together...

It is her bread and butter. I finally understood..

How many of you have an e-product that you have slaved over and really need to protect from piracy? (click on CB Protect)

If you are into affiliate marketing you may be thinking well I want my book to go viral – I will make more money that way. That is fine – but if you are not an affiliate marketer, and you need to protect your property. What do you do?

On the other hand, even if you want to have affiliates – how do you protect them, so they get the commission they deserve?

Did you know..

4 out of 10 copies of software and e-books are pirated/stolen.

Only 17% of Internet users pay every time for the software they download.

70% of Internet users say they would not be likely to pay your full price for your software (when they can download them for free).

85 of Internet users feel the "tech. Industry" is so prosperous it doesn't really matter that they have unlicensed (stolen) software.

36% of Internet users don't even know it's illegal.

Over 2 billion was lost in 2002 for North America alone due to software piracy (over 13 billion worldwide).

These facts are based on the Global Piracy Studies conducted by IDC for the Business Software Alliance. Among other measures to determine these figures, IDC conducted more than 5600 interviews in 15 countries.

After learning these facts and doing some online research into the best possible service – that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. I have found a solution.

CB Protect. It protects e-books, and software downloads.

The Virtual Vault TM FORCES USERS OF YOUR PRODUCT TO PAY, OR THEY DON'T GET ACCESS. Your software or e-book simply will not open if they didn't buy it from you, even if they get a copy from a friend that bought from you.

The Virtual Vault TM even revokes access from refunded customers!

It is customizable and even works with Paypal and merchant accounts.

Bottom-line – if you have a product you want to protect – please check out this website.

Try it out for 30 days only a couple of dollars– you have nothing to lose...

Pamela Jacob – Artista Design