Monday, August 18, 2008

Writing made easy – OK less challenging.

One of the things that the 30 day challenge is showing me is that I know a lot more than I thought. However, along with that I am learning how to tie things together. Now don't get me wrong I am learning tons of stuff, I didn't know as well, but I am a bit slow at doing the lessons – (have to keep my clients happy as well, I have to work on their projects!)

I don't know if you are like me, but I do a lot of research and I am constantly learning about techniques and collecting ideas. Sometimes what I am learning doesn't tie to together in my mind like it should, and it doesn't all come together in an organized fashion.

Well today I am going to tie together how to write interesting articles and blog posts using several items that I love – Google Notebook, Google Reader – and an editor (Microsoft word, note pad, whatever you desire) by sharing a video by Ed Dale.see my previous article on Google Notebook

This 30 day challenge video is going to blow you away. You are going to see that getting fresh content for your projects doesn't have to be hard at all. It can even be fun!!

I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot - even if it is just a refresher course!! Pamela Jacob - Artista Design