Tuesday, August 5, 2008

$10.00 in 30 Days... What?

If you have not heard of the 30 day challenge – Where have you been??

No seriously – yesterday I received an email that talked about this 30 day challenge, it peaked at my curiosity, and so I decided to check it out.

When I clicked on the link and watched the video – I decided I was going to take the challenge. It certainly isn't about the 10.00 it is about what I can learn from Ed Dale that I may not know.

Ed Dale promises you will make 10.00 in 30 days with no out of pocket expense. You may be thinking big deal. What is $10.00? Keep in mind it takes a system to make any kind of money over the internet it doesn't matter if it is $1. or $10,000.

Ed will help you get your system in place then you can replicate it many times over. If you are new in the internet (business) world, or even if you are not I think this free group is an amazing find.

I hope you join me:


You will be given a lot of free tools to use, I already found one that I love!! More on that later…

I hope you join me – in learning from this challenge. I will be reporting my experiences, – I don't what to hear whining when you don't join, the door is closed and I am ranting and raving about what is going on!!

Wishing you happiness, prosperity and abundance

Pamela Jacob – Artista Design