Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Amazing New Google Tool! Notebook...

I recently emailed my data-base about this wonderful new tool and I have to rant and rave on my blog as well... I am in love with this thing! I was notified in an e-mail about this tool – so I went in and test drove it. I always test what is out there before I announce it to you – Well it passed and it is WONDERFUL! I no longer have to copy the text and paste it into a word.doc.I do a lot of research so I can bring you the most up-to-date information. This is going to make my job so much easier… I bet you will find it fabulous yourself. Google Notebook actually makes it easy to clip and keep your notebook close at hand so you can do the continuous research you need in record time. Keep track of your favorite sites – with notes… You will have to have a Gmail account to take advantage of this fantastic tool… With all the great tools Google has to offer who does not have a Gmail account? It is amazing!! http://www.google.com/notebook/ I have another Surprise for you coming soon – a cool little tool that will tell you if you website is optimized correctly… It will be on my new website, so stay tuned.

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