Sunday, June 8, 2008

Effective Website Copy – Simple Strategies that Work!

Where do I start? What do I do, I am so overwhelmed…

This is what I hear from clients time and again.

Just trying to structure the pages/copy that is needed when you are trying to develop your website can seem difficult a best.

As humans we can make the simple seem really complicated, I do this myself – but it doesn’t have to be. Sit down and really look at your business goals and what you want to accomplish with your website. There are really very few things a website can do.

Think about it a website can: 1. Market you or your business 2. Provide the image that you want for your business (brand you and/or your business) 3. Sell a product or service 4. Provide information 5. Collect information

It can do one or a combination of all of these things depending on what is needed.

Pretty simple right! Most of us have one of two types of businesses a service to render or a product to sell – and we believe or should believe that what we have to offer is better than the competition. You do believe that what you have to offer is better than your competitor’s right? If not your are at a dis-advantage -- Note: You need to be authentic, if you are just going through the motions guess what? People will get it, they will be able to sense that even you don’t believe in what you are trying to sell them. IF you don’t believe in what you are doing, stop right here and find something else you believe in. Don’t waste your money in building this business. Spend some more time and find your passion… IF you do believe you are unique and offer something that is superior then move on and answer these questions. Why are you superior, what makes you or your product(s) unique? The answer to these questions should be the basic text for all your marketing material(s) be it your website – brochures – flyers or anything that you are putting together to market your business.

Research your competition – see what you like about what they have to say and notice what you don’t think is so great. Do not steal from them, do take away ideas that you think can help you in forming the text you will be adding to your website.

Now go back to the original question: Why are you unique – why is your product unique? What makes you head and tails above the rest? Make a list – some examples can be: · Superior Quality · Amazing Talent · Unprecedented customer service (in my opinion all businesses should offer this no matter what!) · Free shipping · 24/7/365/ Service · Money back guarantee · Higher Quality – You get what you pay for… · Better Price · Unique Items · Free support after the contract is finished · Free Consultation · Experience in your field This is truly step one and once you have this step down then you need to start the process of writing the copy/text of your website and all other materials needed to market your business. Make sure you have your visitor in mind. Do not, I repeat do not worry about how great or grand you are frame the text in what you can do for your potential client/customer. Asking questions when starting out on the web page is a great way to engage your visitors they will actually start thinking about what you can do for them.

What is the pain that a prospective visitor may be feeling?

What problem(s) are they having, how can you solve those problems for them with your products or services?

In my case, a person may have had a frustration with a previous web designer. So they come to my website to see how I can solve this problem for them.

Ask Questions…

Are you frustrated with an unfinished website project? Did you have a designer who just couldn’t get the job done? Are you disappointed because your website isn’t giving you what you wanted?

Show them you know the frustrations they are feeling… So many businesses hire a web developer who will promise them the world and then disappear when the contract just doesn't go as promised.

Some businesses hire a so called Internet professional only to be let down by bad advice and an unmarketable website. Or worse yet your website may not be functioning properly or you urgently need to upgrade to add to your website and your web developer cannot be found…

Give them a solution to the problem...

Well worry no longer, Don’t let any of these examples stop you from creating a dynamite on-line presence. I will pick up and complete your website, or adjust it to give you the results you’re seeking.

Don’t let any of these examples stop you from creating a dynamite on-line presence. I will pick up and complete your website, or adjust it to give you the results you’re seeking. Contact me to get your web site working for you today! Simple - Concise - To The Point

That is what you need to do when putting together the text for your web pages. Of course their are exceptions to every rule and if you are putting together medical advice or Questions and answers for your clients write on - you get the point...

No pun intended!!

This article should help you in pulling together your website and making it a really effective tool for your success.

Memory Refresher:

What is the one other thing you absolutely have to have on your website – I cannot stress it enough?? An opt-in box – give your visitors something of value so that they have something to remember you by and you have a targeted potential database: name and email(s) for future campaigns, sells and promotions – your database is gold…

To Your Success!

Pamela Jacob Artista Design