Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Announcing - Creating Wealth

I am now hosting my own blog with Word Press – I have decided this will be the Ultimate blog (I will still keep this blog however!). I took this amazing course on Web2.0 and I am convinced that Word Press is the blog to use so here we are. Why am I convinced, you ask? Because Word Press was developed with open source code (called .php) it can be used by all developers and does not require any expensive licenses and copy right infringement doesn't apply – so Word Press is FREE! Moreover, who doesn't like that 4 letter word!! With the tons and tons of plug-ins that are developed and being developed for Word Press you can have all types of fun and useful things that add functionality to a Word Press blog. I have downloaded various plug ins (quite cool I must say) but as with all new toys (or nightmares…) I have re-done, reworked and generally pulled out my hair all weekend trying to get this “perfect”. The first thing I did was change the theme (and style sheet) and put up my own banner, I am a designer after all!! Then came the SEO pieces and on and on we go. Now I am at the point I can start writing in my blog with great benefits. Oh and one more thing – I found a great little plug-in for Word Press that will actually allow you to ping this blog in an impressive array of places as you update content… Wow what a concept! Check it out – I still have a long ways to go. I will be developing a lot of pages, products and tutorials but – I will be letting you know my adventures on this blog and be sure and keep track of my new blog to get the latest and greatest in Creating Wealth Online!! You can sign up to receive my new blog by email – look at the side bar! To Your Success Pamela Jacob – Artista Design