Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Today I vow....

Being a designer and web developer I am so much like the mechanic who fixes other peoples cars, but has his car needing repairs back home!

I am now in the process of re-designing my website to reflect all the new changes that are going on in the design/marketing world.

We must face the fact that the orange carpet that was so groovy in the 60's really needs to go (not quite that bad). I

love my logo and the look and feel of my website - however I have no choice - it will be an updated - fresh - full of great information for whoever visits it.

I believe we must all face the fact that All business web sites need an occasional update and a really good going over to make sure it is SEO (search engine optimized) to modern standards as well as reflects the design trends of today (keeping the look and feel of your branding). You are branded aren't you?

When I take on a client(s) I really go full bore and get involved in meeting the needs of the project, with little time left for my own.

That is great for the client, I do pride myself in excellent customer service.

But an outdated - website isn't so great for impressing potential on-line visitors. Once I am done with my new improved website (it will have free reports and great resources).

I will let you know. You will want to take advantage of all the great things that will help your business be the success you want it to be! I am so ready for a fresh updated look and feel with all the new SEO techniques.

How about you??

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