Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Must Read for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur then you cannot pass this article up - very valuable a must read...

Here is an article that really hits home. Almost everyone I work with is totally overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge they think they need. They don’t know where to start and even when I get them pointed in the right direction, they are unfocused.

I was sent an article that was so good I wanted to pass is on to you. Even I saw a few things I needed to do better (hint: buying a product – putting it away and buying something else before I even start with the first one).


Get Your Focus Back!
By - Charlie Page
During these calls members have been free to ask me any question and they have asked many questions.
But there is one question I asked every one of them, and their answers surprised me.
My question to them — “What is your #1 challenge to succeeding online?”

While I received a variety of answers, the #1 answer by far is this … “I’m suffering from information overload! I bought the courses and products and still don’t know what to do next!
It’s understandable really. There is SO much information out there. From free information on blogs and in articles to courses ranging from $27 to $7500 (or more) there is no lack of information.
So why isn’t everyone succeeding online?
While there are almost certainly many reasons why people are generally not achieving their goals online, I believe a big factor (maybe the #1 factor) is this.  More…

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime…

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