Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Still Don't Have a Blog?

It seems on a regular basis I run into things to talk about on my blog. I recall a time when I though how can I possibly blog – I barley have enough time in the day to do work for my clients and get them on the fast track.

Well think again! I am now realizing that a blog really is an enjoyable way to get to connect with your clientele – to help those that possibly have lost their way and just need a little swift kick in the pants (only kidding)!.

Part of what makes my job so enjoyable is gladly sharing what I have learned through all my years in this business and seeing it makes such a big difference to others. So this is a perfect venue for me!! And it should be for all of you who are serious about customer services and assisting with whatever is needed in your particular field.

So for those of you who tell me “I just can’t blog I don't have the time” strongly consider again - what better marketing tool is there?

I will bet you dollars to donuts that you will find that little extra time (when possibly a thought pops into your head, or a frustration takes hold) that you will post it on your blog, feeling great about it because you realize you are helping so many others…

Blogs are so much more common now than they use to be, still there are many people that are afraid to start one. Don’t be, it is so beneficial – I have gotten contacted from Australia, England to name a few and it is all because of my blog.

I am now offering WordPress Blog Development and Design – contact me if interested!

To Exciting Opportunities & Endless Possibilities! 

Pamela Jacob – Artista Design