Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finding Material for Your Blog

Since my last article, I have had a lot of people say “but where do I get the material for a blog”? That is what this article is about finding relevant information for your articles…

I am going to give you some hope – and some tools to help you with your blogging.

In the beginning when blogs were starting to catch fire – I felt the same way as you do, I just could not bring myself to take the time or put the effort into setting a blog up or writing articles day after day. However, I must tell you when I decided to do it – I jumped in full force – and boy, am I glad I did. With-in 6 months of starting my blog, I started to hear from people all over the USA and even from some other countries – after that I was a believer...

As people read my articles, they came to realize I was not another business trying to con them. I was not just out for the money – I was an expert in my field, and I was a genuine, authentic entrepreneur.

I do walk the walk and talk the talk, and I am not afraid to tell the truth when I hit a rough spot, I will share my experience – knowing it will help you avoid those pitfalls. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I will tell you so - then I will find the answer. My reads and clients can count on me to guide them and put them on the right track. I believe we all have radar that will signal us when we have found someone with credibility issues – some people chose to ignore this warning. Sometimes we don't have enough information to know what a person or business is about – well when you blog about what you know – and show your stuff your readers will be able to see that you are the real deal…

How do you come up with an article? Or a blog post?

  • Find the latest news in your industry and write about it.

  • Actually, post a portion of an article you think would be valuable to you’re readers. Tell them what you think of this article – post the first paragraph and the link back to the original article.

  • Write about what people should know about your industry and/or service and don't be afraid of giving out too much information.

  • Think about all the things you have heard from past clients, what were their worries or objections? Write about them – overcome their fears or objections using information.

  • You can start posting articles from experts on all kinds of subjects –that pertain to your particular industry. As long as you post their resource box on the bottom of the article you post - you can get these articles for free. There are tons of websites that supply free articles but in my opinion, Ezine Articles is the crème – de la –crème.

  • Invite an expert to write an article for your blog and in exchange, you can promote their goods or services.
Want a great tip? When writing your own articles make sure you create them in a text editor (like word) and save them in a folder. You can re-purposes these articles and use them for many things. Articles are  great marketing tools.

The two major reasons for doing this?

  1. I can save this article to be refurbished once I have written it - I will place the document in my article file –, and I can use it to post to article marketing places, websites, newsletters or Squidoo – Hubpages, etc., don't ever let a good article go to waste - save it!

  2. To edit them - I will write the article – edit it – spell check. I will usually write an article, come back the next day and read it, most of the time, I will reword a thing or two.
You will not believe it but these days I have several blogs –, and I blog for one of my clients. This gives me a total of about eight blogs I am posting to. Some of the blogs I work with are nothing but the latest in news on one topic or another.

I usually take a few mornings out of my week to – write articles and find great articles to post on my blogs (or my clients blogs).

These days’ blogs are so much more sophisticated than they were a few years ago. Most blogs have a way to schedule when you want your article to go out – helping with those times when you just cannot seem to post because you are too busy.

Rember, If you need help designing and setting up your blog with plugins that will help you promote your business, let me know that is one of my specialties.

To Exciting Opportunities & Endless Possibilities! 

Pamela Jacob – Artista Design

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