Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Advertise for Free on Google, Yahoo and more. 27 websites that want to list your business.

Well, it has taken some time, but I have finally compiled my first list of places to advertise your business on the internet for FREE.
I always look for ways to help my clients get ahead. Most small businesses are on a limited budget, the marketing funds are just not there. One of the best ways I can help you is to share a list of free advertising resources.
Of course posting your website will get your more visitors and more exposure, but it will also help you with the back-links that you need in order to rank higher in the Search engines. So it is a win – win…
I took the time to go to each website and list my own business. I wanted to see what the experience of listing on each of these websites would be. So when you get the list, you will find my notes right under the links telling you what I found when I signed up on each particular website.

I went through a lot of duds. I just threw them out – they were so confusing, or they claim to be free but really were not.

Below are some tips to make your experience when listing with all of these sites faster – and less frustrating
Type the information below into a word doc. This will make it so much faster to list your business Each website is a little different and so will need varying types of information.

Profile information you will need to write a description of yourself showing your experience in the business you are listing and why you started or believe in what you are doing. It should appeal to your target market.

  • Have pictures in a folder on your desktop – ready to go. Some of these websites allow pictures to be shown, and you will get more business if you have a picture of your product – or example of your service in the graphical form. Make sure you do not upload huge pictures directly from your camera. Size and compress them properly
  • Have a picture of yourself ready to put on your profile. People like to see who they will be doing business with, and they will trust you much more.
  • One login and one (GOOD) password – if you use the same for each registration it makes life so much easier.
  • Refresh your information on these sites as needed.
Once you have all of these things in order you are now ready to access the links – and start submitting. Make sure the word document is opened so you can copy and paste. I have two monitors, and I love it. I can post on one and copy text from the other. I will be updating this list as time goes on – if you are on my mailing list, I will automatically send you the new updated version – no need to sign-up again!
One thing to remember – most of these websites will try and up sell you. I did not buy any extra’s I wanted to see how much traffic I get from them first. You do not want to throw away money on a website that is not getting a lot of traffic. So if you do decide to pay for extras choose wisely.

If this makes you wonder how I know that traffic is coming to my website from these submissions, I have Google analytics on the back end of my website, and it tells me where all the hits are coming from. If you do not have this on your website – how do you monitor what's going on??

There are all types of analytic code and software, but Google Analytics is free – if you have someone else do your website, it shouldn’t cost much to have it done. If you need help let me know.

Important: Before listing your website, please make sure your website is in order, it looks professional, has all the elements needed to capture those visitors, and make sure you website is Search Engine Optimized…
I will be coming out with a Free (updated) SEO checklist at the end of the month. If you have already downloaded the list below you will automatically get the list emailed to you.

To Exciting Opportunities & Endless Possibilities!