Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Still Don’t Blog? You Have Got to Be Kidding!

Initially I was resistant to doing a blog – after all what would I say and how would I be received. Would people be interested in reading about experiences – really? And how would it help my business grow…

This was clear back in 2007 – and it was in the midst of blogs taking over the internet – social media sites were barely in their infancy.

I had plenty of work but I wanted to reach a larger audience – and I really love helping people succeed so – I jumped in.

In the beginning I envisioned my blog to be a series of articles about what you need to design an attractive website, market it, optimize it etc. It has become so much more than that. A client or potential client will email me and ask me a question, or I read something that sparks a view/reaction in my mind and I write about it.

This information is something that has proven to be invaluable to my readers – this type of pertinent information you may not be able to find so easily in a structured article. This type of information gives you the nuances that make a business successful… I am telling you this because so many times people don't start blogs because they genuinely assume they have nothing to say – well if you have nothing to say then I suggest you don't even start your business until you understand it fully. And once you understand your product/service then you will have tons to say on the matter.

On top of that – if you have been in business for a number of years you will have experiences that will prove to be important for all business owners regardless of what they are providing to there clientele.

Blog's are powerful connections for your business.

In developing this blog I truly found out why blogs are so powerful when promoting business. It gives you credibility – it allows people to see you are who you say you are. It is true that you need more than a blog to be successful. You need to ping your blog – you need to submit to blog directories, and most of all you need to know what you are blogging about!! Search engines love blogs because it gives them new fresh material all the time and that is so important when trying to stay on the top of search engine listings.

You would not believe the customers that I have acquired because of my blog.

I have people contact me from all areas of the world, literally! They have read my articles – and sent me emails. Hired me to do websites and consulting contracts for them. Simply because they became familiar with whom I was – and respected me as a professional. They would probably have never contacted me or hired me – with out knowing my essence and knowledge.

As I always say there is so much to know and then so much more…

That is the one thing, I love about my business – I am here to help businesses de-tangle and understand what they need to do to have a successful online business.

Website being so important is the foundation of your business – blogs are essential in marketing your expertise and creditability…

Don’t be timid – jump in and start blogging. What better way to make a name for yourself and your business.

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