Thursday, July 10, 2008

What about the economy? Don't let it drag you down!!

I received a newsletter in my email the subject line read:

Focus on Your Customers Instead of the Economy

That is so right! As I hear all the doom and gloom on the cable news networks I have to say to myself – yes gas prices are up but – then isn't the Internet the way to go!!

Honestly if you have an online business then you are in a better position then ever. People will be shopping online to save gas and that is a great thing. You may be saying

Oh my, is she serious – yes I am !

if you are one of those people who dwell on the negative – you will get what you believe. Moreover, that is my truth, I have seen it over and over what you believe you will achieve!

Consequently, now is a great time to keep your focus – market the heck out of your business and reap the rewards. I am putting the link to her inspiring newsletter below – I am sure you will enjoy this months edition as much as I have.

Newsletter to read - Learn, Share, Prosper
To your success!
Pamela Jacob - Artista Design