Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monetize Your Business. Free Video Tutorials!

Free Tutorial Series! I have just sent out a broadcast to my data-base about my video tutorial series on Hubpages. I bought them as well as the resell rights. The best part is I am offering them for free. Originally I was only going to offer it to those on my list but then I thought. Why not give my readers this opportunity as well! This video series will teach you from A to B about how to set up Hubpages and how to monetize them to make extra income! Even if you already have a Hubpage account and think you know it all – think again. You will find some new and interesting ways to work with Hubpages. This sign-up will only be available for the first 250 people who sign-up after that it will go back into my treasure trove – and I will be repackaging them for resell in my tutorial series. Don’t miss out… Click the link and learn learn learn!! Free Video Tutorials To your success Pamela Jacob Artista Design