Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get it while it is HOT!

This is the introduction from my new ebook“The Ultimate Guide to Free Traffic” On sale now! The Importance of Web Traffic There is an enormous number of ways that you can earn online. Whether you are selling advertising space, selling actual merchandise, or selling information, You Determine Your Success or Failure by Your Ability to get Individuals to Visit Your Website Think about it: If you started a business and put all of your advertising on the side of a dirt road with minimal traffic, do you genuinely think you will be profitable? Some of your best business will come from people who just drop in while window-shopping. In the same way, you need your online store to be located in a busy part of a town where casual shoppers linger. The key to succeeding in any Internet related business is traffic. You must find ways to lead potential customers to your front page. If you believe you can rely solely on the search engines to put you at the top of their lists, then you may be setting yourself up for failure. Search engines use a complicated formula when deciding which pages show up first. Unless yours is the only business of your kind in the universe that has a web site, you will have to work hard to get one the first page of the search engine. The simple fact is Corporations buy the rights to search phrases and generally pay big money for the opportunity to be highlighted at the top of the list. One interesting point to keep in mind is that, the more traffic you have at your site, the more likely you are to slide up in the search engine results. The question: How do you get that initial flow of customers, clients, or readers to make your website a place that they regularly do visit? As a basic rule, as you make a plan and design your website, you should be looking at other sites that are in the same genre as yours (competitors). Maybe they offer similar or complimentary services. Maybe they provide information about the same topic. Look at the website and determine what makes it work – what you don't like and how when rebuilding or planning your website you can make your’s more customer oriented – What can you provide your clients that they can't or don't on there website. A good web developer/designer that is savvy on marketing and promoting websites can help you in assessing the website you want to analyze. Find sites of businesses who compliment your and see if these sites have a blog or message boards go in and try to build relationships with individuals that are running these sites. Leave comments on their blog's and engage in forum discussions. Tip: Make sure you fill out the signature card available when creating your profile – this is like a mini advertisement, leaving a link to your own page in your signature. As you become more familiar with this type of venue you definitely will want to consider adding a blog to your website. Be diligent about keeping the material on your website fresh and you will find that you begin to get repeat traffic. Others will begin to link to you from their own pages and list you as a valuable source of current information. Just as in any traditional business format, building relationships and networking will be vital pieces of your success. The important thing you need to know as you begin is it takes work to get traffic to your website. The traffic flow at your website won't happen by accident. It takes careful planning and sharp execution to make that hit number go up. In this book we are going to show you how. For more information, articles or to sign up for my newsletter go to my website www.artistadesign.com

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