Saturday, December 12, 2015

Time Management - Pomodoro

Many years ago, I read about the Pomodoro time management technique and then as things often do I didn’t do anything with the information. I was reintroduced when I started using an online project manager. Since them I have found it to be amazingly useful.

The Pomodoro technique is a popular time management life hack. The technique allows you to work in sprints (called Pomodoro sessions) and maintain regular breaks. This has been proven to keep your mind fresh and fast helping to maintain focus and effectively manage distractions.

If you feel there is not enough time in the day, you have too many distractions and you are always struggling to finish anything this is something that has proven to work in resolving all these problems and more.
The Pomodoro Principles

  • Work with time, not against it
  • Eliminate burnout
  • Manage distractions
  • Create a better work/life balance.

All you need is a good timer - here is how it works.

  1. Choose a task that you want to focus on
  2. Just one task at a time
  3. Remove all distractions
  4. Set your timer to 25 min
  5. Work on your task until the timer rings.
  6. Take a 5 min. break – you have just finished your first Pomodoro!

Repeat steps 1-6 three more times, followed by a 20 min break
It’s not as easy as it sounds, that’s 25 minutes of steady, focused work on ONE TASK. 

  • NO Multitasking
  • NO emails
  • NO phone calls
  • NO checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


The amazing project tool (I talked about at the beginning of this article) has the Pomodoro timer built right in. It is called Kaban Flow – simple to use and FREE. Who doesn’t like that!

I would suggest you go to the Kaban Flow website and sign up you will love it!
When you do go online and sign up make sure and view the very short tutorial you will be using this system like a pro in a matter of minutes.
Let me know how you like Kaban Flow and most of all how the Pomodoro system has helped you.

To success beyond measure and friendships that last a lifetime.
Let me know how the Pomodoro System has helped you! or call me 801-910-4825.

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