Thursday, May 10, 2012

WordPress Websites - Are They the New "Norm"

The last few years I have seen a big trend – instead having a traditional website built people are opting for WordPress blog’s that are set up like websites.
There are some advantages to this.
  1. You can edit copy and put in pictures.
  2. They are cheaper to have built because they are actually templates  (pre-built structures) that are customized with graphics and plug-ins.
One problem has now surfaced, traditional websites are being ranked much higher than WordPress Website. This phenomena has happened in the last 6 months. Google decided to shake it up – so if you have a traditional website you will be listed higher on the pages.

That is the optimal way to build your business website having both a blog and a website. This will get you much higher rankings for sure. However, remember you do need to make sure both the Website, and the Blog are Search Engine Optimized. To download a free SEO checklist that you can go through click here.

I am currently developing a section on my website called WordPress Websites – this is for those on a budget that want a relatively inexpensive blog/website. I will have some that can be bought and downloaded that you yourself can customize. I will do tweaking of the banner to reflect your business. I will announce when I have it done.

Honestly – if you want to build your business foundation as strongly as possible   – a standard website with a blog - nothing can beat this winning combination. Make sure blog, is optimized just as much as your website - blogs have some subtle differences. Understands the latest SEO standards – for whatever you have built.

Last but not least - always, always, always host your own blog.

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