Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3 Simple Yet Effective Reasons to Use Google Alerts

If you are a budding entrepreneur and just starting out you may not know what a Google Alert is: Simply put - Google Alerts are emails sent to you when Google finds new results. You set the search term, and they send you an email with a list of links that match the topic you are interested in.
Those of you that are familiar with Google Alerts may have just not taken the time to use them to your advantage. This tool can become a very valuable asset for your business when used properly. Let me tell you how...

3 Simple ways to make Google Alerts Work for You
  1. Any topic you are researching and want to know more about set up a Google alert on these topics. It will keep you informed and  save you a lot of time when doing research.

  2. Protect your name and business by being informed about who is writing or talking about you. Add your business Name and/or your personal name to get emailed when anything about your business is mentioned. This will help you with damage control if someone is slamming you or your business.

  3. Stay ahead of your competition. Have a leg up on your competition. Adding your competitors name to your Google alerts will inform you about changes that are being made and what they are doing online. This can in turn help you strategize and keep your business competitive.

Remember, if you are using any of Google’s free services, you do have to have a Gmail Account. The email and login will be how you access all the Google tools you use.
When you log-into Google alerts you can specify which information to include in the search (Blog’s, News, Web, Comprehensive, Video, Groups) I personally use comprehensive, so I get news from all sources.
To access Google Alerts Click Here:

Yahoo! Has a similar service called Yahoo! Alerts. I would use both and compare you may find that you get different information then you get from Google Alerts.

To learn how to set up Yahoo! Alerts Click here:

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