Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Value of a Good Business Card

Have you ever gone to a business meeting or networking event and collected business cards from companies you were interested in. When you looked at their business cards what did you think??

Be honest now…

I know if I am offered a card that is really unique or has a professional polished appearance I get a favorable impression in fact it makes an impression"this business must be successful". When the card is designed really well I think WOW this company must be successful.

Do you think that something as simple as a business card makes an impression to those you meet? Yes of course it does. Remember the saying “The first impression is the last impression?"

Let's look at the flip side…

You go to a meeting and are handed a business card that is designed with clip art and printed from a home computer… What do you say to that – well in most peoples minds - even subconsciously the thought appears “if they can't afford a professional business card how successful are they”?

Everyone wants to be part of a successful business, if you do not portray success through your marketing material then what are you thinking? How many people have not taken you up on your offers or investigated your website because they are turned off by what they see?

You may want to be frugal and cut corners on some things but professional business cards are not one of them…

Last but not least – those free cards you get from places like vista print may be great for you but can be spotted in a second - in fact on the back it has an ad for Vista Print and it should, after all they gave you that product for free.

The same thing can be said about your website. Uncle Sal may be a wonderful man, and know how to put together a web page (after all it is free, or cheap) but I guarantee 9 out of 10 times it is not professionally put together. People are internet sauvy these days - and can tell a professional website from an amateur one.

Remember these 3 things:

  • You companies professional image can make or break your business.
  • Everyone wants to do business with a successful company, if your image is less you are ultimately losing money.
  • Don't squeeze pennies only to lose dollars. When you don't portray yourself as a successful or credible business a potential client will not want to do business with you.

Don't fool yourselves it is the little things that we overlooked that can create a negative impression.

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