Thursday, September 30, 2010

Should You Take the Lowest Bidder When Hiring a Professional?

When we hire someone it is important to realize – we are paying for their expertise just as much as their time. All businesses live with a budget and in this time of economic uncertainty – it is more important than ever to make the right decision when hiring someone. Shopping around is essential when making that decision.

Even so, remember this piece of advice:

"The highest bid may not be the best – The lowest bid could be the worst."

Why do I say that?

I have been in this business a long time, so I have seen it all… Some people think if it is expensive it must be superior – so they go with a website/marketing firm instead of a small business.

Did you know nine times out of 10 when you choose a big company, you will not be dealing with the actual designer – but a sales person. Big mistake – it really makes more sense to deal with the person who is actually designing and building your website. On top of that I have had clients who once they signed on the dotted line couldn’t even get the sales person – to call them back, or they called back when it was convenient for them.

Some clients have paid an arm and a leg for a website and when their website was finished – and needed updates or changes. They were charged sky high prices. Or their web site was built with a scripting (programming) language that wasn’t needed and twice as expensive to have anyone update it.

A lot of very successful business owners are not internet savvy – and put their trust in the business/professional building the website. It is important that you find someone you can trust to act as a partner in your business – wanting what is best for you, someone who genuinely cares about your success.

Remember just like in all professions you will find some unscrupulous business’s that are dishonest and will sell you things even when you really do not need them.

What is the extreme opposite of the above scenario?

The business person who wants to find a bargain and will go with the lowest bidder. If you are given a very low price then chances are this web developer is new and cannot really give you good advice on what is needed to build a marketing website. Or will not take the necessary amount of time with you to really give you good customer service.

Inexperience really is a detriment when trying to build a successful online business. I have heard numerous times of web developers that actually abandon the project – and have left the client hanging – so unprofessional is an understatement.

How do you determine if you have the right professional to build your website?

A good web designer will:

  • Take the time to talk with a perspective client before they write a proposal – really get to know what their business goals and needs are.
  • Take the time to explain internet jargon in a way the client can understand.
  • Have good communications skills.
  • Have some experience under their belt – and know the ropes when it comes to what is needed on a website.
  • Understand and know; HTML – XHTML and a bit about programming languages.
  • Be creative and has an eye for design – web pages can be a lot like art.
  • Help’s their client achieve business goals by giving them good advice and great references.
  • Knows how to optimize a website so that it can be properly indexed on search engines, and tell you what needs to be done to make that happen.
  • Give excellent customer service and be an ongoing help when you have questions or don’t understand something pertaining to the website.
  • Be honest when they do not know something and find the answers you are looking for.
  • Have a network of professional connections who can help with things they don’t do like action scripting, data-base set up, etc.

Remember you need to be a partner in the building of your website; after all it is “your” website. Having a rapport and knowing that you will not be guided in the wrong direction is imperative.

In a nutshell; hire a web designer that is honest with integrity – and you cannot go wrong.

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