Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Alone Hold the Key…

Every now and then, I come across a post that is not necessarily about the mechanics of how to grow your business but is the essence of success in all areas of one's life.

This morning I did just that it is an article titled “Finding Hope – and Keeping it!”.

The author is the son of Zig Ziglar –

I don’t know how many of you have listened to this man (Zig Ziglar) or really know who he is, but I suspect most of you have heard of him.

Zig Ziglar - his life story is one of the most amazing success stories ever - a door to door sales man that transitioned into one of the greatest motivational speakers of all times.

But his is a story of much more than that – because he lived by principles that would work for anyone who took note of them.

As a young entrepreneur, just starting out I had the growing pains of any new business and the discouragements as well. He kept me going and really gave me the tools to keep my head up and shoulder to the wheel.

The article is a short one, but one I want you all to read – because in this day and age of uncertainty – when the news we hear isn’t always so great – we need to realize that we, ourselves hold the secret to our success.

“Hope is born when you realize you have the power to make your life better, and the choice is yours.”

That excerpt above is from the article.

I hope you will read it, and that you will take away the essence of this great man – perhaps it will give you that added jolt to make this day your best one yet!!

To Exciting Opportunities – and Endless Possibilities

Pamela Jacob - Artist Design