Friday, February 29, 2008

The Secret to Great Idea's Coming to LIfe

Pre-Production - Step 1 Project Definition: How many of you really take the time to plan your website thoroughly? Do you really sit down and develop a strategy – a plan. It does take a lot more time to actually define a project but that is what building a strong foundation is all about. With a strong foundation you will be able to build a website that is robust and will be a money magnet because it will be exactly what your customers are looking for. Sit down with real knowledge of who your target audience is and what this website will do. Do you want a website that will collect leads? Do you want an E-Commerce site that will actually be an online store – are you selling a service? Are you a non-profit organization? Do you want a marketing website? Do you want to become well known and want to get your name out... This is where a really good web developer comes in, they can help you define what your project goals are and if you would be better working in phases or building your website all at once. In my experience (and I have had years of experience!). A website is a work in progress, it is ever evolving and will grow and change with time. Everyone involved in developing the website must understand all aspects of what is being developed – the size, scope, schedule and goals (long term as well as short range) of the site. Questions That Help Define the Project. 1. What is the content of the site 2. What will make this site successful? Hits? Publicity? Revenue? 3. Who is the user? Young, Conservative, Wealthy? 4. Why will a user visit the site? 5. What are the bandwidth considerations? Can you rely on plug-ins? 6. Is there a particular event driving the launch? Once you have all this information compiled you can now begin to map out your site and its contents... It may take more time but it is well worth it... To ask questions contact me

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  1. Hi Pamela...

    Building my website is definitely a work in progress! It changes every week depending on what I'm doing... and more importantly what I'm learning!
    I love your website... you provide such useful and easy to implement ideas and suggestions.

    Thank you so much


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